George Wiseman Launches Affiliate Program

ImageHere’s the latest from George Wiseman.

I signed up. Here’s my affiliate link:
It took me about 3 minutes to sing up. And another 3 minutes to put the code at PESWiki in the left hand column.

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Sent: Saturday, February 23, 2013 5:52 AM
Subject: [Eagle-Research eNotices] 26 ~ Affiliate Program Ready

26 ~ Affiliate Program Ready

It’s been a long haul (two years) but we now have a working Affiliate Program.
As some of you may remember, a year ago we tried to start up an Affiliate Program under Clickbank (which took us a year and thousands of dollars to interface with our website), but learned (the hard way) that Clickbank has been subverted by the Vested Interest (click).
All that time and money was wasted because NOWHERE do they state their anti- Tesla, Free Energy, Fuel Savers, Water as Fuel, etc. policy up front.  But now that’s water under the bridge.
This Affiliate program is new for us, a beta version, so we are learning ‘as we go’ just like you will be.  Please have patience as we work out whatever bugs show up.  We want it to work for you, because that helps us too.
The biggest advantage of having our own Affiliate program is that we can give our Affiliates a commission on everything, all our books, resources and products.
As you sign up (it’s FREE) and start to use the program, please help us make it better by pointing out issues and contributing your suggestions.
Over the decades we’ve tried many marketing and distributorship programs, they faded away because sheeple just don’t believe these technologies can be REAL.
The Vested Interest ‘Educational’ and ‘Media’ suppression systems are very pervasive, persuasive and effective.
It’s very difficult for a lone voice, like mine, to overcome the bias instilled by the Vested Interest Juggernaut.
The ONE ‘advertising principle’ that has been consistently effective, from the beginning of my business in 1984, has been ‘word of mouth‘.
Experimenters that have had success with my innovations have been able to convince their relatives, friends and acquaintances that my technologies WORK, because they’ve PROVED it for themselves, thus bypassing Vested Interest miss-information.
People will (often) still believe someone they feel to be credible over the Vested Interest lies.
But when these experimenters add their voice to mine, an interesting thing happens…  Other people who are looking for answers see multiple references and become intrigued enough to check us out.  Some of those people join us and we grow.
YOU (Eagle-Research customers) are a unique and exceptional bunch of people.
Willing to give something different a try and able to make it happen.
I’m honored to know you.
When you tell others of your success, they FEEL your integrity and pay attention.
When you refer them to Eagle-Research, they often come.
Many of you feel your word and integrity have value and, knowing that your referrals are of value, have asked if we have a referral program of some kind.
We have put this affiliate program together because it helps everyone.
It helps us spread the ‘word’ (truth) and get more customers,
It rewards you for your efforts to help spread the word; and
It directly helps every experimenter, that applies the technologies, to save money.
We love win, win, win situations!
Oh… there is a loser… The Vested Interest loses a tiny bit of control every time someone learns the truth.  But I can live with that :))
If you go to our Affiliate Help Page, you’ll see how easy it is to sign up (click).
I’m not going to bullshit you.
Actually making ‘real’ money as an Eagle-Research Affiliate will take time and WORK.  You will have a learning curve, (learning how to post effectively on the web) AND it takes TIME to get enough links out there to start to generate an actual income… But we want you to succeed because your success means our success, so we’ll be helping you in every way we can.  If you want a second income, this is a real option!
Here are the results for the
So it seems that over 80% of people do not get the mileage they were promised.
The Nowling Motor Project is Funded.
I thank every single donationer and extra thanks to those who donated multiples and offered to donate more.
The final donations just poured in.  It actually got over-funded before I could shut it off.
As per my agreement with the inventor, the donation page has been shut off.  With the over-funding money I intend to have extra parts made so the inventor will have a model too.
I really feel for those of you (many of whom contacted me) that wanted to make a donation after the project was funded.  I need to act with honor and integrity.  This is not my invention so I need to follow not only the letter but the spirit of my agreement with the inventor; which means the donations to the project stop and the distribution of the plans stop, until a new agreement is made after the motor is built and tested.
I will tell, via my eNews, you all when there is any chance or hope of opening up the plans again.
I’ll be proceeding on the project ASAP.
All the contributor/donators, that donated BEFORE I deactivated the donation page, will still have access to the Nowling Motor Resources and THAT IS WHERE I’ll report my progress and findings.
I look forward to getting this ‘proof of concept’ done.  Again, thank you all for trusting me enough to fund this project.

News that’s NOT in the News

I include the section below in my eNews because it is my voice.
If you don’t want to know this stuff or my opinion of it, then just stop reading now.

I pass on the news I think should be known.  I also express my opinions.  I am trying to ‘correct’ the imbalance caused by Media propaganda (click).
I know I’m just one voice but the 99% are made of individuals that collectively create our reality.
I encourage you to use your voice too… It’s more powerful than you think and that’s the ONE fact that Vested Interest fears more than anything else.  They can only play their games if the public is ignorant!  “The-oppressors-greatest-weapon-is-the-mind-of-the-oppressed (click) (click)”

RON PAUL IS BACK and on Radio (click)

Looks like someone in Washington State is willing to take on the TSA (click).
DHS to America “We Own You” (click) (click)
Nullification of the unConstitutional Federal acts, is happening now (click)
Heads up: New word for Political Theft, “Leverage” (click).
Obama State of Denial (click)
Its TAX Time Again (click), here’s some good reading!

Below you will find links to two documents. The first (AsLonsAsMythsPersist.pdf) is a layman’s explanation of the legal structure within which the modern income tax operates, revealing the nature of, and reasons for, the actually-quite-limited scope of that tax. Within that document you will find links to supporting authority for each point and assertion made.

The second doc (BobsBicyles.pdf) is a simplified, very accessible model of just how the tax actually works in practice– how it fully conforms with the limits observed in the first doc, but also how it is routinely misapplied, due to the general misunderstanding of those limits. It is that ignorance-enabled misapplication that has produced, and which sustains, the Leviathan State with which we contend today.

Please read these short and straightforward documents carefully, and realize that simply by helping enough Americans become aware of these facts, you can be a part of a much-needed transformation in America– one you have longed-for and striven-for all your life. All you need to do is share this email as widely as you can.

To learn the whole story about how the framers of the US Constitution planned for each American to use this knowledge as a key mechanism for the restraint of the state, and to see what has been happening during the last nine years during which tens of thousands of Americans have been doing just that, visit

Here’s an interesting tax tidbit…
Who is Harrison J. Bounel?
According to the 2009 tax return submitted by President Barack Obama,
Harrison J. Bounel is the current President of the United States (click).

Stop letting them steal your money under the guise of ‘income tax’ (click) (click)
S&W makes it easy for YOU to support your gun rights (click).
Sheriff wants citizens armed and trained to resist government tyranny (click).
Defending yourself now defined as ‘an alarming trend‘ by news media (click).
Want to see how FAST you need to have your gun ready? (click)

Vested Interest controls the Media (click)  Feeds us lies to manipulate our opinion.
Vested Interest version of ‘gun control’ is to take away the guns.

They use the argument “If even one life can be saved we’ve go to try”.
They ignore the overwhelming evidence that responsible people with guns SAVE many more lives than criminals take (click).
They ignore the fact that criminals will always have guns and the ONLY effective defence against criminals with guns… is guns in the hands of responsible people (click).
They ignore the fact that most of the people wounded or killed by responsible people ARE criminals who were trying to rob, rape, terrorize and/or kill the responsible people who then defended themselves; because guess what?  The police were nowhere around.

The State CANNOT protect you from a criminal who gets in your face as soon as the police go around the corner.  Anyone who actually thinks about this for 1 minute can understand that fact; especially children who have had experience with playground bullies.

Responsible people surrendering their guns actually accomplishes exactly one thing.
It protects the lives of politicians.
THEY know that out there somewhere is at least one responsible citizen that will get fed up with their tyranny and go all Chris Dorner on them.
BTW here is Chris Dorner’s true statement (click), not the fake Manifesto published by the Vested Interest controlled Media.
Like Ruby Ridge and Waco, Obama and the LAPD now kill without due process (click).

The ONE LIFE these ‘Vested Interest’ are trying to save is their own.
They obviously do NOT CARE about your life or they would encourage you to protect yourself.
They don’t want you shooting criminals when they know THEY are criminals!

Simple picture of leaf reason for armed oppression (click)

“It does not take a majority to prevail… but rather an irate, tireless minority, keen on setting brushfires of freedom in the minds of men.”
~ Samuel Adams

“When bad men combine, the good must associate; else they will fall one by one, an unpitied sacrifice in a contemptible struggle.”
~ Edmund Burke

Do You Know What Happens When YOU Decide To “Let Someone Else Do It”?


“I am only one, but I am one. I cannot do everything, but I can do something. What I can do, I should do and, with the help of God, I will do.”
~ Everett Hale (…and every other person who ever really deserved liberty)

May the blessings be

George Wiseman