Psychic Reading on Muammer Yildiz

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I talked last night to a couple of very great people that I met that the EvolveExpo conference in Denver. I spent many hours with them, and it was a highlight of the trip, for me.

As part of our conversation last night, they gave me readings on several people and inventors I’m involved with.

For what it’s worth, here are my phone notes from what one of them said about Yildiz and Halil:

really has something
trying to create a way to prove and validate; come up with way to show it that is validatable in a way that no one can deny it and have to acknowledge that it is real
good feeling about pursuing that
pretty easy to work with; personality is not difficult to work with
flexible about how it would be used; open to suggestions about applications of using it
he really is not very greedy about it
would like to make money; but wants it to get out there
he would love to be the first person out there
it’s not as spectacular as other things out there
would have applications
Q. open source: he’s open to that
feasible: yes; not too difficult
Halil Turkmen is a good man
feels very excited
(he’s an architect, not background in FE)
not dependent on this task, [so he's not uptight about timing]
He has helped and assisted Yildiz in some capacities; limited funding, trying to make connections, making his presence more known; altruistically

Then, on February 28, one of the psychics added: “That was a Very Good Energy I Felt with them and that’s Rare.”

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