Magnacoaster still working on batch of 9-10 Vorktex generators

I received this email from Rasa this morning in response to my question: “Any updates on Magnacoaster? confirmation of delivery? photos? video?”

(slightly edited)

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From: Brother Rasaviharii
To: sterlingda
Sent: Wednesday, February 27, 2013 9:49 AM [GMT-7]
Subject: RE: Magnacoaster


Dear Sterling,After receiving your email, I just called Magnacoaster to get the latest updates.They got sets of cases ready to have the components set inside
just need to get the breadboard cut to fit to shape
and a few more components need to arrive from the manufacturers

but all the kinks have been worked out
(finally at last)
and they are well underway of getting the first batch of 9 or 10 out the door
and from that point the speed at which they can pump them out will be very fast.
Of course, all the major components have to be assembled by hand
and they don’t have too many workers currently
but production is well underway.
#1 went out the door a while ago
and that (along with all the earlier prototypes which went out) all appear to be working fine.They just keep ticking away doing what they are supposed to do.As soon as the next batch of  9 or 10 leave the door,
I will send you the good news.