Dennis Cravens is Crowdfunding a Cold Fusion Car Project

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From: Dan On_the_Monterey_Peninsula
To: Sterling D. Allan
Sent: Tuesday, March 05, 2013 1:45 PM
Subject: Indiegogo Project Restarted! “Cold Fusion” Car Part 2 – Dennis Cravens

Dear Sterling,

Today I discovered that Dr. Cravens Indiegogo project is back.
It can be viewed at:

The original Indiegogo site says:
“They” had problems with this specific site  (blame Java problems)

Got to for current site.


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Daniel Zavela

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From: Dan On_the_Monterey_Peninsula
To: Sterling
Sent: Wednesday, February 27, 2013 9:14 PM
Subject: “Cold Fusion” Car – Dennis Cravens

Dear Sterling,

I just received an email from Dr. Dennis Cravens as regards his effort to build a “Cold Fusion” powered car as a “Open Source” project.

I would enjoy seeing Dr. Cravens on the SmartScareCrow Show.

Dennis is quite understated as regards his experience and success in his work with “Cold Fusion”.  Dr. Cravens made an elegant working Patterson Power Cell system that produced 400% excess power for 3 days during ICCF5 in Monte Carlo.  The first public demonstration of “Cold Fusion”.  Dennis worked on a 1kW cell and various improvements.  Dennis has a way of getting things done with minimal materials.  A great practical project to support.  I’m looking forward to Dennis sharing more data about the construction of his cell, the output heat level, how long it will run before being recharged, and any breakthrough inventions for this cell that Dennis can share with us.
Hope all is well with you, Sterling.
Best Regards,

Dan Zavela

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From: Dennis
Date: Wed, Feb 27, 2013 at 1:57 PM
Subject: crowd funding LENR
To: Dan On_the_Monterey_Peninsula

I have grown tired of writing papers that are ignored and not read. It is insane to do the same thing over and over again and expect different results. So now I am turning to a simple demonstration that the public can relate to.

Last year or so, someone on Vortex suggested crowd funding (Journi, Ecatbuilder??). I have decided to try. Not for just another experiment that will be ignored like the thousands before, but an application oriented device that “Joe Six-pack” can understand.

I am now seeking crowd funding for a fusion powered car demonstration that will be open source and with monthly updates.

I would appreciate any support you might offer. I would especially like help spreading the word to people that might be interested.

FaceBook page (where I will be posting photos and as I go):


Dennis Cravens

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Quoting from

The hope of clean limitless power

You don’t have to see the whole staircase, just take the first step.

Martin Luther King, Jr

I will be a year constructing and modifying a Model A to run on fusion power.

I am a 62 year old retiring physics prof who has been working on “cold fusion” for 24 years. I am ready to stop turning knobs and actually try putting it to the test. I am not getting any younger. Now is time to dream big and “go for it”. It is bold. It is daring. It is crazy but I have to try. I have a few “hot” samples and I have a ’28 Model A Ford that I will use for a standalone test of the concept. It will take about $25,000 to get fancy Lithium Iron Phosphate batteries, steam engine, a generator, mechanical and electrical items. I need to raise $20,000 for it. (questions- check out )

I will be scaling up an existing experiment involving electric stimulation of a deuterium containing metal lattice system for higher levels of heat. I will be using “Cold Fusion” (also known by its current “politically correct term” as LENR) to generate heat to boil water** to drive a steam engine ** and turn an electric generator. I don’t expect to have enough power to run the car directly but I hope to “trickle charge” some batteries enough to run the car after very long charging times. I am hoping for about 5 Watts of net electrical energy. I am close. The heating should scale with volume/mass and my losses will scale just as surface area. I even have a few samples that have been “self heating”.

It is a long shot. I cannot promise success but I definitely will give it my best effort. Please spread the word to friends and those you think would be interested. I will post updates as I go via

See I told you it was bold and daring but after 24 year of seeing so much hope for a better world in the bottom of a test tube, I need to see if I can make it work. Researchers have amassed a lot of data but it sits mostly ignored and or disbelieved. (see and specifically see my paper there: ) If I can demonstrate a credible application of “cold fusion”, it will change the entire world.

What Happens If I Surpass My Goal?

I would opt for 1) +$20K, the more efficient and powerful Stirling generator from WhisperGen instead of the steam engine 2) +$10K, larger batteries and better current control for more range 3). +$10K, Scale up samples for higher thermal output levels and shorter charging times 4). +$5K, have some special parts machined.

If underfunded

If I get less than half, I will not have enough for the car project. However, I would try for a scaled down demo. Perhaps a simple LED and a small “toy” ¼ W Stirling.


Nerd stuff in rough numbers:

Model A because: 1) exempt from state inspection restrictions, 2) can move with just 1 to 2 HP, 3) high gas tank can be used for gravity feed water to steam system, 4) keeps fusion system as focus, 5) easy access to system, 6) and the mystique – people smile at a slow old Model A; Steam because: 1) Peltiers only get me 2% efficiency, steam about 8% conversion, 2) Stirlings at this level are very costly; Target power levels: 1) COP 20, 2) 100 W thermal, 3) net electrical output 6 W, 4) drive motor at 2 kW ave, 4) charge to run time ratio 333 hours(2 weeks) charge for 1 hour drive time. Battery storage: 1) Lithium Iron Phosphate 2) >80 AH, 3) 72 Volt array; Fusion approach: electric stimulation of D and Pd loaded Carbon mesopore powder spiked with rare earths and thorium.

Fusion? I will leave it to theorists to debate if it is really fusion, virtual neutron fusion, or something else- strong nuclear force or weak nuclear force events. I just want to take it out of the lab and use it.

Note: this is part 2 since “they” terminateded it early.  I had $360 pledge the first time- hence this is only for $19640.

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