Psychic Reading of John Rohner — Physical Danger

by Sterling D. Allan
Pure Energy Systems News
February 27, 2013

Inteligentry motor -- doctored

I added an image of a crystal ball. Really makes this thing come alive, visually, illustrating what the developers conceive should be going on inside.

Yesterday, I was talking once again with my two psychic friends I met at the Evolve Expo in Denver. Two days ago they gave me “readings” on several people, which were very accurate and insightful. Certainly they don’t claim to be 100% accurate, but there is enough accuracy that their information should be considered as a factor to be weighed.

I should mention that the main person doing the reading has absolutely no background on the subject, John Rohner, and was just pulling this “from long-distance sensing” intuitively through a remote viewing type of method — something, actually, that many people can learn to do if they try. This is posted with their permission and review.

Their primary concern about publishing this was how John might take it, as it does not reflect well on him. My response was to the effect: “It’s a better take on him than the one I have been conveying, of him being a witting con artist.”

Here are my phone notes on the question of “John Rohner”.

John Rohner

Talented but subdued

Q. has he ever had one of these engines running?

He has, but has had a lot of setbacks; things didn’t go right; each time learned from; has to re-do, breaking down, re-do, seeing what went wrong
gets frustrated, has had big lulls, periods when he’s not doing anything;
gets discouraged, defeated; withdraws, then tries it again
a lot of frustrations and setbacks

March 1 Update: I asked the psychics to go deeper on this question. Q. Was the “working engine” one that John built, or someone else’s he was working with [Joseph Papp]?

A. The other inventors’.

Q. Did he ever get something running himself?

not to completion
always close

Wouldn’t be the easiest situation to work with
doesn’t have it down perfectly yet

Personality: he gets down on himself; makes setbacks even worse
emotional tailspin, then has to come out of that to start again
each time, gets frustrated when things don’t go the way they should
may be something there, but not able to bring it to a place where it feels complete

He’s not ready

He’s very emotional about it;
his ego is getting in the way
get’s really motivated then defeated

Overoptimistic about it; “this is really going to work”
feels confident that he can get it to work
has more to his own psychology than his intentionally scamming
mentally unstable, a little off
can look like he’s scamming people

It’s not complete
he really believes it is going to work
not intentionally trying to scam people

His ideas are really good ideas
someone could take his work and complete it
but he’s not capable of doing that right now

Something he used to do in the past, technology, affected his mental state; something that he did with technology effected his mind/brain
layman’s terms: whatever he was working on was in some ways bad for his health: toxic; some kind of metal toxicity.
He didn’t start out this way; this is what he became
(timing is the hardest thing for a psychic
I look at the Akashic records / Cosmic Internet)
3-5 years ago, if not longer
didn’t take precautions

It’s too messed up;
someone could do it after he’s gone; but that might be quite a while

Q. could it be done with his permission?

The right person might be able to do it, take it on their own
would require ego soothing, finesse
as long as he felt like he was getting credit, and emotionally okay with it.

Anger: pissed off and anger of people involved
they’re the brilliant genius, can’t get that last piece
need money to survive
can’t admit: we don’t have it down

Q. Overstatement?

yes; has to do with ego

Q. Is the device safe?

Not the way it is; not safe
overconfident about himself.

He doesn’t know how to make it safe [doesn't know it's dangerous].

But someone else will be able to get it to that point.

Q. Dangerous now?

Comes in burst, yes, dangerous
intermittently; from this device; I wouldn’t want to go visit or get near it
effects a big area: e.g. larger than a room — a house.

If it was in a house, wouldn’t feel good about it.

Q. How to get it safe?

Sit down and figure it out on paper
spend some time to then take the next level and take those precautions.

- – - -

My associate, Stuart Campbell, who moderates the comments on our PES sites, had this to say about that reading:

That is EXCELLENT on John Rohner. Matches what I feel about JPR myself.

What they have said about him is so in line with my thinking.

I believe he has something, but just can’t get that final piece of the jigsaw together due to own stubbornness… wants to do it on his own… will finally accede, in my view, to some outside help.

What they say about his emotions/moods is spot on. They go up and down like they say.

Rod Thomas said:

For what it’s worth, I think this ‘reading’ has a lot of truth to it. This has been my impression all along: there is something of merit here; it’s just being extremely mishandled by Rohner and his ego. It also lends some credence to the opinion that these things could be dangerous if not controlled properly.

And the man, himself, had this to say about this story:

From: John Rohner
To: Sterling Allan
Sent: Thursday, February 28, 2013 8:51 AM
Subject: Re: Rohner story


Since I rarely look at your site nor worry about what you publish, as it can not effect us now, I am glad you found something more to feed the TROLLS. They need their dinner to stay active. I am also doing a piece that has to do with “alternative energy” and the people involved. We are well along on our plans and unlike any of the others we are a legitimate company, albeit you may not wish to believe that. For me, I am ready to turn the company over to a younger man, maybe even sell it, now that we need not worry about any competition for years, and the drama with my lil brother is mute and of course the fact that in a few months the world will know the truth. But that is all chronicled in the upcoming post on our site.

My only comment to you is that you should stick to your gut and not others mouths. You had the biggest story and blew it.

Enjoy Life

Someone else, who is involved on the inside, said:

Sometimes, stories play out in slow motion.  This one is set to come to a climax on 3/23/2013 at the stockholder’s meeting.  That is, of course, unless the stockholder’s meeting gets delayed again.

John’s wife has also chimed in:

From: [email removed]
To: sterlingda…
Sent: Thursday, February 28, 2013 10:36 AM
Subject: Re: Rohner story

Just who the hell do you think you are publishing this slander.

Connie Rohner

On March 3, H.C. wrote:

I really enjoyed reading the psychic reading you got on John.  This only further confirms the information that I gave you about John’s operation that I got to see first hand when I worked with him for a short period of time when he was still in Iowa.  The reading is spot on.The fact that John actually refunded my $50K investment when I asked for it back, once I realized the actual state of his development project, indicated that he was not a pure con artist in it for the money.   I believe he really believes he is on the verge of making it work and I do believe he really does have some good ideas.  John’s wild exaggerations about his progress on his web site got him all kinds of attention that kept the money coming in and fed his huge ego and created a monster he could not pull back from.  I cannot believe he has been able to keep the illusion going this long.

In addition to his lies, I could not understand why John was betting everything on a single engine design before he even had a test rig that would prove the underlying plasma reaction, from which he could then refine the combustion chamber geometry, gas ratios, rf frequencies etc.

Now, the people that are actually buying his new Popper kits are truly being scammed, since I am sure he does not even have a working test rig himself.

I also asked a psychic that I trust about John’s work and was told that John would not be able to get it to work, that it was beyond his ability, but that a child prodigy that was currently going to a university in the US would eventually pick up the technology and bring it to completion.

Keep up the good work.

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