Inteligentry Raided by FBI

Compiled by Sterling D. Allan
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On March 6, 2013, more than a dozen FBI agents raided John Rohner’s Inteligentry office complex in Los Vegas, Nevada, USA, taking documents, equipment, machines and freezing their bank account. According to Rohner on his Inteligentry “Hot Seat” web page:

As of 10 AM March 5th [sic], 2013 Inteligentry, LTD is closed until further notice. At this time 12 or 14 FBI agents entered our building with Guns drawn and at gun point herded us into the front room and sat us down. Then they explained they were not there to arrest anyone but to serve, and service, a “Search Warrant” And Confiscate documents and materials so they could look at them for any “illegal” acts, ie. a “Fishing” trip, for something to charge us with.

Our audience knows of John Rohner as being the guy who claims to have a noble gas engine technology that would cost less than the engine it would be replacing, while consuming almost no fuel — a fuel that is cheap, inexhaustible, and ubiquitous. He describes the phenomenon as a “Plasmic Transition Process ™“.

The claim by which he has been able to get a significant team of people around him is that in addition to having worked with the original inventor, Joseph Papp, four decades ago, he has built working engines himself, which have put out significant power. We at PES are highly doubtful of that claim. We know of no person who has seen one of John Rohner’s alleged working engines, including his “manufacturers”.

John Rohner’s explanation of the raid portrays a police state coming in to confiscate their engines, IP, working documents, and to freeze their bank account, thus making it impossible to continue as a business. He makes it sound like Inteligentry was ready to demonstrate a working engine [super improbable] to the stockholder’s meeting coming up later this month on the 23rd. And now, that won’t happen, not because of John, but because of the police state out to stop any technology that might pose a challenge to the powers that be.

I have created a blog page at PESWiki to compile the information as we obtain it about this development. Remember, PESWiki is a publicly editable website, so you can help us keep this information current and accurate. All changes are logged, showing who made the change and what was changed. Let us know what username you want, and we can get you set up. We had to disable the ability for anyone to sign up due to the volume of spam attempts we were getting.

Also, in the past month, in the comments section of some of the recent stories we ran on Inteligentry, you can find a lot of chatter about pending legal actions against Rohner and Inteligentry. Modified Breadboard | Blame Game

Here is what John had reported on his “Hot Seat” blog at as of March 7, 2013; 6 am MDT [GMT-7]. I just copied and pasted this, but the formatting is effected by WordPress’s algorithms, so it isn’t a mirror copy of John’s formatting.


Notice —— First Draft
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As of 10 AM March 5th, 2013 Inteligentry, LTD is closed until further notice. At this time 12 or 14 FBI agents entered our building with Guns drawn and at gun point herded us into the front room and sat us down. Then they explained they were not there to arrest anyone but to serve, and service, a “Search Warrant” And Confiscate documents and materials so they could look at them for any “illegal” acts, ie. a “Fishingtrip, for something to charge us with.

     As Connie mentioned it was like being “Raped” by our “Police State“...

     We were ALL escorted OUT of the building while they packed up our computers, engines etc. Banned from the building while they rummaged thru our IP, documents and stuff and carted off all things they wished.

At 5:30 PM they were finally done and I was called back. I was given a “list” of confiscated Items (over 180) and told “not to expect them back soon“.

They also Froze our bank accounts thus making it impossible to be in business as we could not pay our employees or bills. Therefore we are closed as we look for ways around this.

What this means is that even though we were ready to show the stockholders our REAL Product operational as a GENSET actually powering our shop, so they could be proud that we were finally, after nearly 2 years, getting the product out and changing the world.

Remember the competition has been trying for 33 years, raised millions and spent it. Yet have nothing but 1991 Poppers or Can throwers.

The real problem we have Now is that because we were getting ready for the stockholders meeting and the Taxes we had brought into the shop our usual “off site” backups for verification and update. We also had just completed our complete company inventory, a job that required nearly a month, of parts and materials etc. for tax reporting and Stephany was putting this into a spread sheet and nearly finished. So they grabbed both the main and the backup copies of all our IP. That leaves us at zero. Without Money even to recreate it. I guess the IRS will just have to be told that we have “everything” as a loss. Maybe they can get to the files..

They departed with all existing engines, luckily I had partly disassembled the one I used for the weekend tests. So they got NO completed engines but they took all engines that were either almost ready or partially assembled. They got 2 C and 2 D engines. They also wiped out all our IP. Schematics, firmware, stockholders names and contact info, Bank info,license info and anything else that was needed to run a business or company and be ready for the meeting.

SO, The Stockholders meeting is cancelled. Fact is, we were told it would be “a long time” before anything was returned. So it is possible they killed the whole company. Costing all stockholders all their monies. That would be the real shame.

Also please beware of anyone that calls you with questions, as some of you remember Peter did that, after we Beat Bill in court, representing himself as a SEC agent and when asked for a badge number told you he could not as it was a “secret” investigation. If you get a call, let them know that you are available only to a live agent that you can verify their identity.

Stockholders please call Sandy and get her your contact information. WE HAVE NO RECORDS, NOW.

As of right now, we have NO schematics, firmware, other IP, or Money, so things look tough. I appologize but I had no idea this was going to happen or that it could. But I was worrying about what the people, yes people, that wanted to stop us might do as we neared the release to the world of the engine we have worked so hard to develop and others have such hope for. In my view they are the real criminals As soon as I can trully Identify them You will all know so you can sue them for your loses..

The one real problem is that the case record is “Sealed“. This is like the government stamping “top secret” on something. You are not allowed to see any part of it. We do not know who it was that decided to cheat all the stockholders, including us, out of our money.

But, I know most of you can figure out who is working with who and who would love to see us gone. Certainly anyone that has spent 33 years in failure, or someone that did a “hostile” takeover in Iowa and then sued himself to get his writeoff, or the guy named Ron “Monkey” who has been working with Peter and Bill and broken every promise he made about showing his engine at Power Gen and CES (in our booth, no less). They all make up one irrelevant and unethical gang and until we can see the files are the most likely group to “Cheat” our stockholders and the world to enrich themselves, GREED.

Remember Dr Mike stole all the stockholders money and all my investment as well, in Iowa, so we do know he knows how. Ron the Monkey man would have no stock if I had not given him some after the Dr tossed him. I think it time he get his money back from Dr Mike, as any real man would. And Klosterman has made over $500K, and is now broke, from the Dr. when the Dr. violated his NDA and then Kicked out the rest of us from Iowa trying to get the patents.

In any case, I hope whoever did this enjoys knowing that they stole money from people JUST to get me. Not something my lil brother would worry about though. Wonder how he is not in jail.

In any case, over the next few weeks we will be looking at avenues to find some way to get value back for the stockholders. We have China wanting to buy the patents, pending, and that would make everyone money. I do want to find some way so that none of our stockholders lose money because of these people. We do have some options and we will explore them. We also have several other companies in several countries that are very interested in buying us out. We may end up bein the US Master for some company off shore. Whatever it takes to defeat these people will be done. It is too bad that they did not allow us to be THE Company and want to cheat everyone else for their greed.

If you are a stockholder please be aware that Peter has called stockholders and presented himself as a SEC investigator. When asked for a badge number he told people it was a “secret” investigation so he could NOT identify himself properly. The point here is that I expect the people that have done this will contact you and identify themselves as FBI agents. Peter HAS! Do yourself a favor and tell the caller that you will answer questions ONLY to a live agent who has presented the proper credentials. Peter captured a lot of information and bent it, in his calls. They could yours as well. The FBI has many “field Agents” and if they wish to talk to you in reality they will come and introduce themselves. One side note, Peter has told many people, even the ones he has now put in jail for doing what he did, that he was.

I have heard from some people that they may just come by March 23 rd just to have some coffee and talk about what we are and can do. We do have options and by then we should have a handle on the offers to buy us as well. After what I have seen from the US “Alternate Energy” Blowhards I have no problem selling out to even China if it will get this engine into production. Sorry but I am not sure we deserve it.

Tomorrow I will be adding the documents and video links. It took all day just to get this one laptop usable for this. We have Neither computers or servers, anymore. Thanks to the wipes that did this. What a PROUD DAY for them! Sterling will be so proud..!



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