Updates from John Rohner Regarding FBI Raid

by Sterling D. Allan
Pure Energy Systems News
March 9, 2013

John Rohner has posted some updates on his Hot Seat page at Inteligentry.com

I should point out that his statements regarding me are almost completely groundless.

  • I am not in league with his brother Bob, nor with Heinz Klosterman. I barely communicate with them.
  • I have not violated any contracts with Inteligentry. I didn’t have a contract with Inteligentry. I did sign an NDA, but what I have reported on is not in violation of an NDA.
  • John Rohner gave me the names of some of his manufacturers and gave me permission to talk to them and report on what I learned (sans IP and personnel info); and this was the primary reason for my coming to the conclusion that John does not have what he claims to have.

It is true that in the past, John has been generous to help me, providing me with a total of four laptop computers, which have benefited my family. He asked me not to disclose that (other than in generic terms), lest people misconstrue his intentions. Now that he is bringing up that he has helped me, I’ll make the point that such gifts do not provide silence on my part, in return. I follow my conscience.

I view John Rohner as someone who genuinely is pursuing the goal; but who isn’t honest about how he goes about it, including regarding stating how far along he is, or what the thing is capable of, or what he has accomplished in the past regarding working engines [none yet, from what we can tell]. So, when it comes to this FBI raid, from my vantage point, in this case, he most likely deserves what he is getting.

This, most likely, is not a case of suppression, but of long-awaited justice being served.

Not everyone agrees. One person, who asked to remain anonymous, to better give him the ability to mount an opposing campaign to this raid, said:

I have met the people who have invested the money with him. They believe he can do it. The engine manufacturers are very clever people, especially the Houston bunch, not easily hoodwinked, and they have invested the most. The world needs this. Vested interests should not have the power to stop it, using agencies supposed to protect the interests of the public as its goons. If we can find good documentation, we should shine a light on this suppression by vested interests. Now is the time for great technologies like this to come out, not for ever to be covered up by the greed of a few.

Now, here are John’s recent statements on his Hot Seat page, as of March 9, 2013, about 10 am MDT [GMT-7]. Copied and pasted verbatim. (WordPress doesn’t preserve all of the formatting.)


     Day 2 3/7/13 second day since we got raped...

     Today the FBI extended their Bank Money Freeze to our personal accounts. My wife and I had $3000 in savings and $2000 in checking, from my social security, as I am not paid by the company. They made that go away today so we can now not even buy gas or food. I guess this means that they are extending their “investigation” to include me. Albiet My life is, after work, my own and my wifes. It seems strange that they can take an action against a company and transfer it to an individual and try to starve them, and the company. They have over $300,000 of company funds in limbo. The bank says there is no court order to hold these funds but they have been “instucted” to do so. AS they have with our personal accounts. Wow and without even allowing us to know who made the “complaint” or what it was. I have been told that we should look for them coming by and interogating every employee. But, without money to pay them, there will be none. Let’s hear it for “freedom” in a world where there seems to be no control for the police and their Hollywood Gun swaggering ways. My lawyer still gets the cold shoulder about what they are doing. Funny thing is so do our larger stock holders that want this ended before they lose all their money and we shut down.

     On the up side, we had a visit from a TV channel today. It is our usual favorite, Ch 13 ABC. They came to see who we were as they had never seen a company that had been “subjected” to a FBI “Search and Seizure” operation be honest enough to post the happening on their web site. They now consider us a most honest company. They did get curious why the FBI was picking on us. I gave them a short course in what we had and they looked at me and said “now we understand“.
They did an interview about how we have been nearly put out of business and how 11 people now have no more jobs. I gave then a copy of the “Search” and kill document and the Confiscated materials list. I pointed out that the FBI had confiscated a check from a company that stiffed me years ago and the check was never made good. They should go find Sen. Harry Reid and other elected officials that are interested in inexpensive power production and show them the whole interview. Maybe to the FBI, After the solar scam, we must be BIG to get all this attention. :0)…..

     We also heard from a majority of our stockholders today, all the big ones and many smaller ones. They wanted to show their support. Two called the FBI office and both got rudely told that “the case is ongoing and sealed so there is no information availableEven when they told this person they were “stockholders” and “happy“. One thing we know now is that whoever got the FBI going is NOT a majority stockholder. Keep in Mind, Monkey Ron, Ron Williams, has stock only because I gifted it to him. When we go bankrupt he will get paid based on his purchase price, ZERO. BUT he will have the satisfaction of screwing everyone else!! If you don’t pay you don’t get get benefits.
Most of the stockholders have offered to send money, or help in some way, if we want it. So we may do some of that. I thank GOD for our GOOD Stockholders. NOT the GREEDY lil twerps.

     We also heard from all the people that have the most money at risk now.
The Masters are very upset that their supposedsafe” money is now at risk. The FBI has attacked that account as well. The interesting thing was that they all offered to pay my way to come to their country and work with all of them to get the engine into production. I admit I am very tired of the BS found in the US and am considering the European masters offer. I will be sending copies of the “provisional Patents now filed” to them, as Europe, and many other countries, are HOT to get ecological advances done. Their patents are just as good in the world as the US ones are. So maybe that is the way. Then come back here as a “US MASTER” and get our US Licensees going and make the US MASTER a corp with the GOOD stockholders in it. Or we will need to have a discussion to see how to insure the current stockholder values when the bankruptsy is done and the “bad seeds” are purged.
The masters also stated we could use their monies if we needed, if they are indeed safe as we expected. Evidently the people that got the FBI going did not inform them that the PTP licensing account was an untouchable.. More likely they don’t care.

     I really am fed up with the US and as a veteran it pains me to say that. We have had no dialog with anyone about what they have alledged. Suposedly the only people that can complain about us are stockholders and we have never had any complaints provided. No one has EVER asked for a forum. We have held regular stockholder meetings. That is where the dissident people should have voiced their discontentment. And have it voted on. Instead, (if the complainant is a stockholder) they have decided to STEAL everyone elses money to make THEMSELVES happy. In My view this is a slimeball.
It also seems strange to me that the FBI would entertain any complaint from any person that has no monitary INTEREST. BUT ONLY to RUIN!. What is with OUR Justice system that allows one to screw many.
What I DO KNOW is that the Majority is opposed to these wipes. I just pray we find out who they are so we can sue their asses.

     I will put up daily notes as we go. If I do not I am in jail or ???


3/8/2013 Finally served papers. NOW WE KNOW:

Today we finally got papers served that define what is going on! A nice thick bunch and they came with a big box, like you would use for document storage, of papers as, evidently, evidence. The Plaintif is the “Security Exchange Commission“. This is who Peter swore he would sic on us, when his and Bills takeover attempt failed, and he seems to have manipulated Dr Mike Giroud, the guy that took over PlasmERG Iowa, sued himself and screwed everyone, My Brother Bob and Even Good ol Monkey Ron and Klosterman, and, from the evidence, the guys at G and G, who plan to have an engine, copied after ours, out later this year, and even Sterling. Guess if you are so worried about losing you income you care less about something as critical as the world. I just did a quick look and I’ll report more later. IF they take the “Sealed” out I will publish all of it for you to read. According to them, the instructions, I got from my attourney and the State of Nevada, about what a “private” corporation is got lost to them when Bob, Ron and Dr Mike with Peter stiring, as well, came in and pushed hard. Remember Bob flooded the “prize commitee“, with lies, so bad they dropped me from contention. They also seemed to not bother to check with Iowa about how Dr Mike sued himself or that Bob has spent many years ripping of investors. I will correct that. Dr Mike swore under oath, that I had lost that case and “failed to pay” him. Of course he said nothing about screwing the others, and ME, or how much he owed on back wages etc. They actually blamed me for screwing the people. Time to see the truth and push that “Oath“.

I have asked the stockholders that had planned to come for the meeting to come. We need to have a meeting and find a way to get on and not lose their monies or have to wait years for this case to settle. We will also find a way to get video conferencing as well. As I mentioned, they have frozen both company and personal accounts so don’t expect much more than coffee.

They also, as predicted, filed a EX Parte order to be heard next Thursday. Trying, as Bill did, to catch us without a lawyer so they can stop us permanent. So, I will be very busy this next week. Hopefully we can find an attourney to jump in to answer for the companies. Again let me warn you about “Fake” FBI calls. if you talk to them before the meeting do it face to face and check their ID’s. Someone reported TODAY that he was “questioned” by a FBI call, but did not ask for ID or proof of who he was.

Now, at least, we know that the competition is frightened and is working hard to stop us or get our technology. Not something radical like the DOE or DOD. OH. We may not be able to file bankruptsy even frozen we have less debit than assets. We are looking at alternates to get the engine out here and abroad. I will be very happy to flush this company and join my stockholders in a new quiet company just to watch people squirm as we get products out. So if you have ideas, beyond centralizing a secret training point, in a foriegn country or simply giving it to the Chinese, who REALLY want it, I have had several calls from that area and South Korea, let me know. maybe we just become the US Master and research company or something simple. Whatever happens at 71, nearly 72, I do not plan to run it. I did that this long just to keep my brother banging on, me while we developed what he can not do after 33 years and millions of dollars. But now we can stand alone and there is no way that competition can kill the engine. I may even write that book and make it all “public domain” and just take “consulting” jobs. Who Knows. To me it is just too bad that these people can not think of the planet and not their GREED. I would caution anyone “working withSterling to remember us. We supported him BIG time and he did this to us.. Broke all his contracts and showed his ethics. Be Ware, you could be next. And without us he will need a new target!.

At least I can sleep good now. We have NOT screwed any of our stockholders and I do worry about them. Even if, like me, they are more concerned about the earth than GREED. I don’t think we will have a problem fighting this but it was not meant for them to win, only DELAY. And I will also say they must have spent a huge amount of money on this. But, Bob Rolls On as does Dr. Mike and the Monkey man. I guess they spent their budget on us.

I did hear, from a friend, that the people looking for Peter have found his hiding place. They will have fun! For those who do not know, Peter abandoned his family to come to Vegas, where Terry and Judge Jones gave him shelter and money too keep him from being totally “homeless“. He thanked them by telling lies to the Feds and implicating them in HIS scam. He also stole 12 thousand dollars from us. Nice Guy. BE WELL!!



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