V.S. Travkin Explains Theory of All-Magnet Motor Plausibility

By Sterling D. Allan
Pure Energy Systems News

My associate at the New Energy Congress, V.S. Travkin has been sending many emails over the past couple of months, and I have been negligent in getting around to posting something about this. My apologies to him. Hopefully this following correspondence is adequate to at least give you a heads up about his notable work in this area.

Kimden: VT
Tarih: 12 Mart 2013 23:44:59 GMT+02:00
Kime: Halil Turkmen
Konu: on validation of your MM and why EU universities will never be able to consider honestly your MM
Dear Halil,
Please, transfer this message to Mr. Yildiz. It’s of great importance for your strategy. Read it.


Dear Mr. M.Yildiz,
I am familiar with your ordeals with regard of “validation” of MM. Have read the Halil’s letter to Sterling’s blog.
I warned about that in my first email to you.

They just want your MM in full their possession for 30 days. Behind the scene, as expected, university professors are having different players.

And I’ve explained in my uploaded to the web material – Why the EU professors are not able to validate but wanna to know -How is it possible?
On their own. Like the “Defcalion” now is positioning themselves – as they developed the Cold Fusion of Rossy by themselves?

As I promised in my first email – now I’ve developed and uploaded in my website the material DIRECTLY related and explaining the role and the function that MM (not only of your’s design) are based and working.

Before that – there were no explanation even – How and Why they could work?
    So – what kind of validation they could provide to you??

I think it would be of interest to you and to your team:

02//2013 Are Magnet Motors (MM) Exist? Misunderstanding of the Function

02//2013 Failure of Perendev and V-gate MM Homogeneous Designs (Homogeneous Models Do not Exist). Then the Scaled Approach

02//2013 Magnet Motors of M.Yildiz. Major Design Polyscale Features and Solutions. Why These MM Work?

Now, people who are interesting in this machine – at least can have explanations of its function.
The whole theoretical course is much larger in content.

Of course, these sketchy theses  are more for proof of principles. We have done similar works in various other physical fields.
Interesting enough is that nothing else can formulate the working principles. Throughout the few decades at least of interest to these motors.

My guess, that for the manufacturing and design improvement, as always, designer needs to have a theory, a workbook of principles  that applied to the device.
That is.

I will be adding more materials to the theory of MM – as will have intention and time.
If you have any issues to discuss with me – would be glad to be in help.

Sincerely yours,

Vice-Chancellor (Education), Australian Institute of High Energetic Materials (AUSIHEM)

Hierarchical Scaled Physics and Technologies (HSPT)
Denver, CO 80231, USA

web-2:    http://peswiki.com/index.php/Congress:Member:V.S._Travkin

web-1:    http://travkin-hspt.com

in Russian

web-3:    http://travkin-hspt.narod.ru

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