How the RCA 1917 Upgrade Did Away with Tesla Longitudinal Waves

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From: “rey”
To: “Sterling Allan”
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Subject: Solomon books-Tesla-how the RCA 1917 upgrade did away with Tesla longitudinal waves

March 17th 2013

Sterling are you aware of efforts by Adan Bull that started his own
publishing co by publishing  Technology for a new Future ?
Now has made an appeal on   help to print out
the 2nd ed of his book.
Also wants to help other authors  to print out their researches etc..

Seems that he is talking about what Dollard has found out that on
purpose the radio waves were downgraded as Tesla demonstrated that in
his circuits/devices electricity traveled close to 288,000 mile per
sec, +157% the speed of light !
Einstein referred to this as a “quantum entanglement”
Go here

by Adam Bull  (there is no bull ,read his bio).

His goal is $8,000;so far $2445 and 14 days left to go….

So do mention his name..perhaps and interview with him ?


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For archive purposes, here is a copy of the Indiegogo page (since they sometimes go offline at the end of the campaign).

Short Summary

Adam and Solomon books wants to help brilliant and unique achievements in the art go noticed.

Solomon Books is a unique fringe science website offering authors a way to print, publish, sell their books ‘in the arts’ started in December 2012.

It was started by Adam Bull, an author of a unique book called Technology For a New Future.

Technology For a New Future 2nd edition

In Aug-Dec 2012 Technology For a New Future was published by Adam’s small startup publishing company – Solomon Books. Adam is trying to raise funds for a small book publishing label “SOLOMON BOOKS” that would allow other authors like himself to publish their work. To start things off Adam has proposed to reprint his first edition in a second edition print run of this book. By raising $8000 here at indiegogo Adam plans to print 500 copies of his Technology For a New Future book. He knows that each one can retail at $100 and the audience generally is interested in the work that he has sold out of the previous book, but last time Adam only printed 20. This time he will print 500.

If you can help adam do this that means he will make $100 on 500 books and raise a total of $50,000 to get his livelyhood running.

“The scientific man does not aim at an immediate result. He does not expect that his advanced ideas will be readily taken up. His work is like that of the planter — for the future. His duty is to lay the foundation for those who are to come, and point the way. He lives and labors and hopes” – Nikola Tesla

About Adam Bull

Adam used to work for a company called British Forces Broadcasting Service contracting for the Ministry of Defense at British Forces News and has previously founded small telecoms businesses in London Docklands, as well as authoring Technology For a New Future he is a prolific musician that produces unique artistic works that can be seen at Working at Sega for a brief time as Penetration Tester Europe, Adam is an experienced IT consultant and technical network engineer, and has sacrificed much of his time and heart to the thing that he loved most. ‘The art’. He gave up work for a year just to write the book that he just believed in.

Adam Bull has always dreamed – and always asked why? It’s landed him in trouble before. He has no money and is unemployed, but he is working towards worthwhile endeavors that would at least try to benefit humanity and preserve it’s great art.

What are you doing today? Really? Are you happy?

“While I have not lost faith in its potentialities, my views have changed since. War can not be avoided until the physical cause for its recurrence is removed and this, in the last analysis, is the vast extent of the planet on which we live. Only though annihilation of distance in every respect, as the conveyance of intelligence, transport of passengers and supplies and transmission of energy will conditions be brought about some day, insuring permanency of friendly relations. What we now want most is closer contact and better understanding between individuals and communities all over the earth and the elimination of that fanatic devotion to exalted ideals of national egoism and pride, which is always prone to plunge the world into primeval barbarism and strife. No league or parliamentary act of any kind will ever prevent such a calamity. These are only new devices for putting the weak at the mercy of the strong.” – Nikola Tesla, My Inventions (1919)

Why Solomon?

A dedication to brilliance

By raising this $8000 for the 2nd edition of my book I will be able to generate $50,000 of cash for the company to market and produce more books, Adam’s dedication to this world is Solomon Books – the book company representing all that is bizarre, unique, strange, and far out amazing-cool. Solomon Books is a place for brilliant and unrecognised achievements in the art.

“Ere many generations pass, our machinery will be driven by a power obtainable at any point of the universe. This idea is not novel. Men have been led to it long ago by instinct or reason; it has been expressed in many ways, and in many places, in the history of old and new. We find it in the delightful myth of Antheus, who derives power from the earth; we find it among the subtle speculations of one of your splendid mathematicians and in many hints and statements of thinkers of the present time. Throughout space there is energy. Is this energy static or kinetic! If static our hopes are in vain; if kinetic — and this we know it is, for certain — then it is a mere question of time when men will succeed in attaching their machinery to the very wheelwork of nature.” – Nikola Tesla, February 1892 – “Experiments With Alternate Currents of High Potential and High Frequency”

Solomon Books

We have already have a printing company, we already published Technology For a New Future First Edition, selling out of all 20 copies. There was supposed to be 33, but the author was too poor to afford it all. The author gave up work for a year to produce his first book and setup Solomon Books.

The Author did this because he believes he can make a difference to the way the world looks at sciences and the arts. Adam, being a musician, a technical consultant and a programmer felt he might be the right person for the job – he has taken the chance, and the plunge, and now he needs your help to help the cause of the Technology For a New Future

I, Adam Bull, set up solomon-books for the people. But most of all to carry the lost legacy of the work of 3 important unthanked men:

  1. Edward Leedskalnin
  2. Nikola Tesla
  3. Eric Dollard

“The mind is sharper and keener in seclusion and uninterrupted solitude. No big laboratory is needed in which to think. Originality thrives in seclusion free of outside influences beating upon us to cripple the creative mind. Be alone, that is the secret of invention; be alone, that is when ideas are born. That is why many of the earthly miracles have had their genesis in humble surroundings.” – Nikola Tesla

It wasn’t easy

“When I wrote the book Technology For a New Future, I knew it would not be easy. There is no other book in existence like it. I only could afford to print 24 of them instead of the 33 that I wanted to in the first edition.”

“I am lucky enough to still have 4 copies of the first edition which are available for purchase on this campaign. These are unique books professionally produced, and they will be collectors items in time to come.”

“I have sold out of the 1st edition but at indiegogo campaign people have a unique opportunity to become a part of what Solomon Books is doing. You have a remarkable opportunity to obtain a unique book and make a unique difference to the arts and technology world world today that is befitting of King Solomon himself”

“I setup this company to remove all of the elitist and commercial unfairness in authoring. Whatdya think about that? I’m the little guy. I’ve already helped Eric Dollard, my partner donated $1000 to him herself. We don’t have much money but we are trying to help art and technology – what we call “the arts”. I wonder can you help us?”
“The campaign is to fund a 500 copy print of the 2nd edition of my book (500 copies) which have a retail value of $50,000 towards this cause, to fund and design electrical systems and books such as those produced by Eric Dollard and myself. IF we can do this it could change the world – finally unique individuals would have a place where they could be rewarded. And unique and talented men would have a place and a conduit to exhaust their talent. That is what I wanted Solomon Books to be. Whatcha think about that?”

It is so important we get some help so that we can publish these 500 books , if you can raise the $8000 we can raise the other $42,000 just by selling our work, this will give us enough money to invest in other peoples work and advertiose the book company and cause, these rare and unique books on Electrical Theory & Ancient Civilisations must have a market because I couldn’t afford hardly any advertising and I sold $2000 of book in just 1 month. I know this can work.

“For me to do this full time and get this work out their available I am going to have to earn more than £600/year. People need to help me do it if they want it, otherwise people like me can’t live and we are destitute, or otherwise in a position where we have money but no time for the art. I have the time and the courage and the tenacity and the books and experiments I have written – give me the money and I will continue give you all the time in the world I ever had – I want to make the world a better place. I know I can, if enough people listen and help.”

Are you an author? email adam at to get a reading for your book and a quote!

What We Need & What You Get

After a successful first edition we need to print more than just 24 copies in a 2nd edition of our first published book Technology For a New Future. The total cost for 500 copies of a 555 page full colour book is about $8000.00

If you contribute $500 or more to this campaign we will send you the first edition of Technology For a New Future as a big thank you, which retailed at $100 until it sold out between DEC 2012 – JAN 2013.

  1. We are hoping for an other sellout as demand for the our 1st edition book has been surprisingly high. Solomon Books needs your help to raise the money for a 2nd edition to offer:
  2. You are buying into a unique service that never existed before in the world for small-authors.
  3.  Assure the career of a young artist, musician, technician and author who has ventured to believe in a better future, and write about it.

The Impact

No organisation like Solomon Books has ever existed. (Occult & New Age Bookstore & Online Publisher)

Technology For a New Future 1st edition retailed at $100 + P&P , sold 20 copies in just 1 month, and raised a significant amount of money, over $2000.00 . Unfortunately the author was not attempting to make money and the costs associated with printing and selling just 20 books only amounted to about £600 profit. The author and founder of Solomon Books and Technology For a New Future had to give up work for a year to produce the book and setup the business. Solomon books had been trading since Dec 2012 as a sole trader, and by helping Adam you can increase the number to 500 book prints which is significantly more profitable for author and would allow Solomon Books to compete with other leading titles in volume.

“We cannot do it without you – the impact would be huge.” – Adam Bull

“Today’s scientists have substituted mathematics for experiments, and they wander off through equation after equation, and eventually build a structure which has no relation to reality” – The World by Nikola Tesla, Modern Mechanics” – Jul 1934


Other Ways You Can Help

Some people just can’t contribute, but that doesn’t mean they can’t help:

Tell friends and family about Solomon Books and Technology For a New Future, Nikola Tesla, Eric Dollard &  Edward Leedskalnin

Bring your ‘fringe science’ book work to us, because we are in a position today to help – and we can make the difference – and that’s all there is to it.


Words from the author

When I first started writing Technology For a New Future I had no idea what I had re-discovered, I should say re-discovered. I did not know that earthquakes produced about a million amperes of electricity underneath the ground when an electrical apparatus above the ground shook the ground violently enough at the correct standing wave ratio. Imagine faster than light transmitters, gravity transmitter telescopes and curving light with an electromagnet and you are still not close to the profoundness of TEchnology For a New Future.

In my book I re-discovered that mass does not produce radioactivity, that light is not primary, that electrons can turn around 180 degrees and go back into the conductor they are leaving. and that they are 2 different currents other than A.C and D.C. That is there are different forms of electricity that exist other than what you can read on the multimeter. Like the electricity from hydroelectricity in the ocean – for instance – that comes from the moon – wirelessly, and then it turns into a moving ocean, and then it drives a dynamo to make electricity in a hydro-electric power station.

Tesla found a way to stand in between. That is what the Technology For a NEw Future is about. But that is just to start. Things like radiocarbon dating, and the decay of mass being controlled by external cosmic rays from other planets, stars, etc? It changes the nature of all science, even archaelogical forensic science needs to be adjusted.

My book is the begining of this revolutionary theory of Nuclear Physics. Light is not primary to stars, Mass does not produce it’s own radioactivity. Radium when sufficiently shielded from the rays of the stars stops emitting radioactive rays – these are just the beginnings of the statements of Nikola Tesla and Eric Dollard. This is what the author writes about and is most knowledgable on the subject of, and this is why he has started Solomon Books. There was no other place for Adam. He like many others is an outcast, a rebel, but he is also a scientist a technical it consultant, a hacker who has worked for SEGA and a competent engineer.

I had absolutely no idea that my book would be so well received, or that my book would contain a myriad of information about the coral castle mystery that will not be found anywhere else in the world. Much fo the information is new which made it a ‘cult classic’ with many engineers and organisations around the world. Even the King of Hawaii was interested.

The truth is I am sorry – I just want to help people. Earn enough money to live, eat, and be warm, but most of all – to express myself and help other like minded individuals be able to do the same.

It could be a very long time (perhaps 20 or 30 years) until your book is worth something but If I am right and Einstein got it wrong about the speed of light then the work that I have catalogued will be very valuable to humanity in the future as a unique collectors item of priceless renown – who would have thought that wheatstone, tesla, dollard and leedskalnin would give the speed of light as pi / 2 * C. That is 1.57 times the speed of light that modern physics assumes to be the maximum.

Every day the moon uses some sort of wireless wave form (a bit like wi fi :) ) to move the trillions of watts of energy in the ocean from side to side. Instead of powering a machine from the ocean that is effected by the invisible wireless wave, Tesla, Leedskalnin and the pyramid builders found a way to intercept that invisible wireless cosmic ray that comes from the moon to make the ocean move.

Enough free energy to power the entire world twice over for a day is beamed down onto the ocean every minute.

What I have written about and suggested in my book is that instead of creating an ocean hydroelectric plant, we could go directly as Leedskalnin, Tesla, Dollard and the pyramid builders did, and intercept the wireless wave altogether – bypassing the need to abstract the energy from the secondary ocean movement from the wireless gravity wave of the moon, and instead absorb the primary cosmic ray energy that comes from every planet and star in the form of gravity.

Indeed- this wireless gravity wave, provides the ocean with all of it’s current and movement. Without the wireless invisible gravity wave between the earth and the moon. The ocean would not move to turn around the niagra falls generator plant.

Tesla’s greatest achievement was not the niagra falls generating plant, or even the realisation of the hydroelectric concept. Tesla’s greatest achievement was bypassing the ocean current altogether, and going directly to the moon and other cosmic objects.

Tesla states in his research that he has  caught cosmic rays from Antarus traveling at 50C or 50 times the speed of light devised by einstein as being the fundamental limit for all waves and mass.

It stands to common sense that Einstein may not be entirely wrong, it may well be that the gravity wave which powers the ocean, and every hydroelectric plant in turn – is completely massless component.

My book takes the scientist, engineer, musician into a very strange world of technical fact, and historic quotes from mechanix magazine the New York Times and the patents and work of C.P Steinmetz and Alexanderson.

It shows that the electricity on planet earth, from lightning and the movement of the ocean in the trillions of watts comes solely from the cosmic rays of other stars and planets, and that the earth is like a gigantic conductor with an insulator around it called an ionosphere. Lightning being the process where the “Solar voltage pressure” in space exceeds the distance volume density of the insulating ionosphere of the planet, thereby causing negative electrical current to flow into the ground , usually refered to as electrons and during such a moent, an equal and opposite (gravitic) force of positive electrical current flow out of the ground in opposition, usually refered to as protons. It is infact the collision of the protons and the electrons that create the electron, which therefore whos protons and electrons are not what atoms are made of, but something that atoms can produce.

This does not contradict the copenhagen theory of Quantum Physics, it rather remarkably confirms it.

I really want more people to know about the electrical systems that I , Tesla and Dollard have been working with such as:

  1. Impulse Current (TESLA)
  2. Direct Currents (EDISON)
  3. Alternating Currents (TESLA)
  4. Oscillating Currents (TESLA)

The usual story is that most people have only heard of D.C and A.C, even scientists and engineers are not versed in oscillating currents and impulse currents. To do requires 4 quadrant theory and versor algebra. See Eric Dollards work for more information on this, as well as the Nikola Tesla patents to see that what I am saying is a fact. Impulse and Oscillating current are used in the Tesla MAgnifier Transmitter (Tesla Coil) not A.C and D.C. The Tesla Coil , in essence then, is a transformer, like the sun and the moon, the ocean and the planet is.

Which makes it an ideal ground conjugatation with the capacitance of the earth. Indeed why Tesla used the earths ground terminal to send electricity, because he was using the transformer of the earth, and the stars, as well as the transformer of the rotary device alone, tesla was using the transformer of the rotary planet and solar system.

It is likely this is in part how the Tesla Electric Car worked. Capable of 90mph, circa 1930, and traversing 1000’s of miles on land before the 12V battery was changed.

And this is just to get started – Help Solomon Books bring this information to people and we will use the money to make this work available to you and other people through the success of Solomon Books and the 2nd edition we will be able to print a variety of books by Eric Dollard, Adam Bull, and a MYRIAD of other authors in the subject of Technology for a New Future and ‘the art’.

Support this campaign if you support the resurrection of the ‘the art’!

Tesla described relativity as a ‘beggar wrapped in purple whom ignorant people take for a king

.’ In support of his statement he cited a number of experiments he had conducted as far back as 1896 on the cosmic ray. He has measured cosmic-ray velocities from Antarus, he said, which he found to be fifty times greater than the speed of light, thus demolishing, he contended, one of the basic pillars of relativity, according to which there can be no speed greater than that of light.” — New York Times, 7/11/35

“People are too busy earning the lives they live than living the lives they earn – I founded this company to change that” – Adam Bull

My greatest thanks,
Adam Bull
Author of Technology For a New Future
Solomon Books
and `another way for civilisation`

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