Tesla and Wireless Electricity Faster than the Speed of Light

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Subject: Tesla and Wireless Electricity Faster than the Speed of Light
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pIZx7WHBbl4  –  Technology for a New Future – the highlights from the video are below:

Planets create the voltage flux in wires.
The electricity on planet earth, from lightning and the movement of the ocean in the trillions of watts comes solely from the cosmic rays of other stars and planets, and that the earth is like a gigantic conductor with an insulator around it called an ionosphere. Lightning being the process where the “Solar voltage pressure” in space exceeds the distance volume density of the insulating ionosphere of the planet, thereby causing negative electrical current to flow into the ground , usually referred to as electrons and during such a moment, an equal and opposite (gravitic) force of positive electrical current flow out of the ground in opposition, usually referred to as protons. It is in fact the collision of the protons and the electrons that create the electron, which therefore shows protons and electrons are not what atoms are made of, but something that atoms can produce. Just eddy currents, little whirlpools of ether.
Tesla used the earths ground terminal to send electricity, because he was using the transformer of the earth, and the stars.
Tesla was using the rotary transformer of the, planet+ and star-,  electrical system.

It is likely this is in part how the Tesla Electric Car worked. Capable of 90mph, circa 1930, and traversing 1000′s of miles on land before the 12V battery was changed.

This does not contradict the Copenhagen theory of Quantum Physics, it rather remarkably confirms it.
The usual story is that most people have only heard of D.C and A.C.
Even scientists and engineers are not versed in oscillating currents and impulse currents.
To do so requires 4 quadrant theory and versor algebra – just an awareness of hypergeometry or Torsion Physics (also called Scalar Wave Mechanics), simply, Vortex Based Mathematics.
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V-WkUKP1l3c – 6 minute TED talk, the Electric Rise and Fall of Tesla
 This? Or this?  
A Rhombic D transverse antenna is a partially flattened Cube geometry, which is not fractal – when are waves square in nature? , only when they intersect?   That’s the big lie.