John Rohner Resigns Inteligentry

Compiled by Sterling D. Allan
Pure Energy Systems News
March 21, 2013

The following is a copy, for archive purposes (John doesn’t seem to archive the stuff he posts on his site) of John Rohner’s latest posting at It’s more from the FBI raid saga.

My rebuttal to what he posted regarding me is the same as my previous rebuttal, dated March 9. Which was followed the same day by my coming to his defense on some points.

Quoting from


     So Lets EXAMINE these GREAT Americans that have Conspired to
Kill this Earth Saving Project…


     Top of the list is dear ol Dr Michael Girouard, 16507-F Northcross Dr. Huntersville, NC. 28078

Dr. Michael Girouard (Dr Mike) came to John Rohner and asked to invest. He invested $ $100,000 for himself and $5,000 for his ex wife, a total of $105,000, as I recall. He has stated higher numbers but looking at the Bank Statements shows his number wrong. We may send that information to the Federal court in Iowa. Then, I was notified of a prize I was in contention for, embedded control is a specialty of mine, This is the one Bob flooded with telephone and email, per their message to me, and they finally got sick of his S–T and took out my name. A fact I did not know until the night of the award party in San Jose, CA. Dr Mike Joined Connie and I there and never told me that, somehow, he knew about my removal. He asked what it would take to finish the engine and I told him 2 million dollars. He later stripped that down to $300,000, as I was hoping for other inputs. He provided this on a loan note, see Iowa case document. He also stipulated who and what I would pay. I did take ~$100,000 out against my back wages, so I could buy a home and move there leaving the south English house as a Shop, he knew of this. Contrary to his statement he has seen an engine run. That drove him to PUSH and that made things fail. After working 12 to 14 hours a day for two years I was also getting tired of putting in All My money to do things his way. We ended November with no money, so, I took a contract job to pay the bills.
While I was making money to pay bills he was breaching his signed Non Disclosure, Non Compete, contract by making a trip to see a competitor, Heinz Klosterman, who with Robert Rohner had formed Clean Energy Inc (CEI) years before and lived off its investors for many years. Now we know how my brother Bob could “copy” parts of our “provisional” patent at me. Mike had a copy so it would seem did Bob. In November, from funds made on contract I had paid an attorney to file the final patent. BUT I was not, at that time, Trusting anyone, except Connie, to see it. In February Dr Mike went on a second trip, as I understand, and gave Klosterman $500,000 and started a business called “Unity International” to compete with PlasmERG (Iowa). Bob seemed to get some funds about this time also. But who knows.
He then demanded payment. I was working with some investors to raise his money and he turned down every offer. Finally he sent me this Get Out or Else ORDER message.
So We had no choice and WE DID as he ordered. We resigned sending this Resignation message, Turned over all the stock and board seats etc. to him.
He now owned the company totally and was responsible for all it’s actions and discovery’s. All the Inventory was put into storage and we considered what next. I still owned the patent as it was Not, as Dr Mike expected, a part of the company materials. So he did not get it for his new company and to share with Robert Rohner. He also NEVER picked up any of the articles left in storage. And he screwed all the other “investors”.
I had told him that Iowa, in the farm area, was a bad place if we were going to do anything. I still had a few dollars that I had not sunk into the company or Bob’s wife had not stolen from Connie. So we sued Bob and came to Vegas to find funding or space, we were married in Vegas on Valentines day so we knew where to stay on Fremont street. We also drove as it was cheaper than flying and more freedom.
We looked for some way to restart the company as I still did own the patent. That trip was when we got involved with the group that convinced me to move and they would fund us.
the next thing I hear from Dr Mike was when I get served, by mail, a suit against the company from Dr Mike, in Des Moines. Here os a copy of that law suit of Dr Mike V PlasmERG Iowa., Notice: NOT John Rohner. It was then that I realized I had failed to change the “agent” information at the Iowa State department to the good Dr’s address. So I got the proper papers and did. I also filed a answer to the court. I was told by the court that I did not need to do this as I was NOT a defendant but if I wished to be kept advised and provide information to the court as a “friend of the court” I could. I did. The judge was having a hrd time with a man sueing himself until I mentioned he was getting the money ready for a “loss” on his taxes. That made sense.
The court did give him his judgment but this try at getting my patent application was gone. So was the loss from the loan to the company as it was now a write off for him.
That should have been the end. But I failed to realize that both Dr Mike and Bob Rohner were still trying to play their CEI game and get investors, for over $8 million dollars. But the investors were not coming as they knew Inteligentry was about to manufacture and sell this technology. That left these boys with just one choice. Find a way to stop Inteligentry by hook or crook, as the saying goes. So they filed complaints with the Department of justice and the SEC. The SEC does have a case and it has stopped us. Probably not the engine as the stockholders do own that. Dr Mike has now lied to these people.


     Next is my dear lil Brother. (30 plus years and still Scammin!)

I am not going to spend much time with Bob, who probably killed my youngest brother Tom with his “radioactive” materials. Bob is rebuilding, supposedly, his recreation of the 1982 engine. Please note that I was a witness to these actions and these copies are from my personal library, copyrighted to maintain by me. These documents are presented just as they were to the “investors”.
First document is the He then Resume of Robert Rohner presented to all investors in any scheme. Notes of interest: Papp International went out of business in 1994 ~about. Robert manufactured 5 of their designed Engines, the last about 2004, without permission and sold/leased these to “experimenters” for $50,000 each. Total income $250,000. Most probably not reported on Taxes.
On the spread sheet you will find MM that is Dr. Mike McKubre, I guess getting paid from both Stanford and CEI.
Here is the Plasma Engine Work Plan.
Here is the CEI Proposal
Here is the Technical Work plan
Remember, I got so fed up with all this scam talk and then found out how much CEI had squeezed out of investors and into their pockets that I first resigned form Bob’s CEI “get money schemes”,
Remember I offered him a have place with my companies,
He then refused, and my response my response.
Oh and lets NOT forget his acting as an unregistered agent for his wife and her thefy of the $36,000 dollars from their sister in law, yes these are good people, Dr Janet Rohner is a member of the Catholic college in Cedar rapids, don’t that make you proud.
Oh don’t let me forget ACE Prize message one of millions, The rebuttal was Never sent as I did not want to “overload” the Prize Committee. But he did and I was disqualified. Nice Brother!!


3/14/2013 POOR BOB – My Lil Brother threatens. :

“The evidence is clear, Mr. Robert Rohner, President of the Rohner Group, LLC will no longer stand idly by as you continue to libel our good name with totally gross and fabricated lies. Five years of this nonsense is enough.” (really since you did it, why complain at me)
“You have placed new and erroneous information on your Inteligentry website regarding Robert Rohner and the Rohner Group’s participation in your pending SEC lawsuit. However, the facts in their entirety are now known and neither Robert Rohner nor the Rohner Group appear in any manner in the SEC filings.” (Interesting he believes that the FBI works for the SEC..)
“I do not want to send you and your accomplice to prison but will attempt do so if you give me no recourse. The following must be completed by tomorrow morning or we will start filing criminal charges with the Nevada FBI. I want that to be clear.” (Accomplice? look out for that “conspiracy.)
“1) Any mention of Robert Rohner or the Rohner Group on any of your web sites is to be removed immediately” (Gee, I thought you liked publicity, You do it a lot. Publicly anyway.)
“2) All Rohner Group registered copyrighted videos are to be removed immediately from any websites” (Sorry but, You Failed to file any charge in Nevada to challenge My ownership of the videos I use. So Why?)
“3) All Rohner Engineering personal attack sites regardless of the location are to be completely removed immediately.” (my lil Brother does not like the truth being presented. He has worked hard to get this gone so no one can see the proof.)
“4) All of Rohner Group registered copyrighted videos displayed on YouTube are to be removed immediately.” (Sorry but, You Failed to file any charge in Nevada to challenge My ownership of the videos I use. So, again, Why?)
“Respond as you wish but once again, tomorrow I start presenting documents to the FBI regarding you both.” (HE DID TOO. ALREADY.)
“Bob Rohner”

You would think after hammering on me for all these years he would just be happy he can go scam people out of money, as he has for nearly 33 years. Without them knowing that we were about to produce engines, he can again. But nothing pleases a twit like my Lil Brother.

So, I guess as “HEAD of the Rohner Family“, I must again Apologize for his addict driven rants.

Hey maybe they will find the 20 odd lies you told or they could find all the DCMA documents you “falsely” filed. Signed under oath. It is a felony, not to mention perjury, to “make false statements on a Federal Document“.


In any case, I hope whoever did this enjoys knowing that they stole money from people JUST to get me. Not something my lil brother would worry about though. Wonder how he is not in jail —- when it comes to Fraud he has ALL the rest beat hands down..

Over the next few weeks we will be looking at avenues to find some way to get value back for the stockholders. We have China wanting to buy the patents, pending, and that would make everyone money. I do want to find some way so that none of our stockholders lose money because of these people. We do have some options and we will explore them. We also have several other companies in several countries that are very interested in buying us out. We may end up being the US Master for some company off shore. Whatever it takes to defeat these people will be done. It is too bad that they did not allow us to be THE Company and want to cheat everyone else for their greed.

If you are a stockholder please be aware that Peter has called stockholders and presented himself as a SEC investigator. When asked for a badge number he told people it was a “secret” investigation so he could NOT identify himself properly. The point here is that I expect the people that have done this will contact you and identify themselves as FBI agents. Peter HAS! Do yourself a favor and tell the caller that you will answer questions ONLY to a live agent who has presented the proper credentials. Peter captured a lot of information and bent it, in his calls. They could yours as well. The FBI has many “field Agents” and if they wish to talk to you in reality they will come and introduce themselves. One side note, Peter has told many people, even the ones he has now put in jail for doing what he did, that he was.

What a PROUD DAY for them! Sterling will be so proud..! Speaking of Sterling did anyone notice that HE and BOB think I am kidding about this.. Bob has been trying to do this for 4 years, stealing our money, lying and cheating etc. But NO FBI on him.. WHAT A TEAM!!!

     On the up side, we had a visit from two TV channels. They came to see who we were as they had never seen a company that had been “subjected” to a FBI “Search and Seizure” operation be honest enough to post the happening on their web site. They now consider us a most honest company. They did get curious why the FBI was picking on us. I gave them a short course in what we had and they looked at me and said “now we understand“.
They did an interview about how we have been put out of business and how 11 people now have no more jobs. I gave then a copy of the “Search” and kill document and the Confiscated materials list. I pointed out that the FBI had confiscated a check from a company that stiffed me years ago and the check was never made good. They should go find Sen. Harry Reid and other elected officials that are interested in inexpensive power production and show them the whole interview. Maybe to the FBI, After the solar scam, we must be BIG to get all this attention. :0)…..

     We also heard from a majority of our stockholders today, all the big ones and many smaller ones. They wanted to show their support. Two called the FBI office and both got rudely told that “the case is ongoing and sealed so there is no information availableEven when they told this person they were “stockholders” and “happy“. One thing we know now is that whoever got the FBI going is NOT a majority stockholder. Keep in Mind, Monkey Ron, Ron Williams, has stock only because I gifted it to him. When we go bankrupt he will get paid based on his purchase price, ZERO. BUT he will have the satisfaction of screwing everyone else!! If you don’t pay you don’t get get benefits.
Most of the stockholders have offered to send money, or help in some way, if we want it. So we may do some of that. I thank GOD for our GOOD Stockholders. NOT the GREEDY lil twerps.

     We also heard from all the people that have the most money at risk now.
The Masters are very upset that their supposedsafe” money is now at risk. The FBI has attacked that account as well. The interesting thing was that they all offered to pay my way to come to their country and work with all of them to get the engine into production. I admit I am very tired of the BS found in the US and am considering the European masters offer. I will be sending copies of the “provisional Patents now filed” to them, as Europe, and many other countries, are HOT to get ecological advances done. Their patents are just as good in the world as the US ones are. So maybe that is the way. Then come back here as a “US MASTER” and get our US Licensees going and make the US MASTER a corp with the GOOD stockholders in it. Or we will need to have a discussion to see how to insure the current stockholder values when the bankruptcy is done and the “bad seeds” are purged.
The masters also stated we could use their monies if we needed, if they are indeed safe as we expected. Evidently the people that got the FBI going did not inform them that the PTP licensing account was an untouchable.. More likely they don’t care.

     I really am fed up with the US and as a veteran it pains me to say that. We have had no dialog with anyone about what they have alleged. Supposedly the only people that can complain about us are stockholders and we have never had any complaints provided. No one has EVER asked for a forum. We have held regular stockholder meetings. That is where the dissident people should have voiced their discontentment. And have it voted on. Instead, (if the complainant is a stockholder) they have decided to STEAL everyone else’s money to make THEMSELVES happy. In My view this is a slime ball.
It also seems strange to me that the FBI would entertain any complaint from any person that has no monitory INTEREST. BUT ONLY to RUIN!. What is with OUR Justice system that allows one to screw many.
What I DO KNOW is that the Majority is opposed to these wipes. I just pray we find out who they are so we can sue their asses.

I have asked the stockholders that had planned to come for the meeting, to come. We need to have a meeting and find a way to get on and not lose their monies or have to wait years for this case to settle. We will also find a way to get video conferencing as well. As I mentioned, they have frozen all company accounts so don’t expect much more than coffee.

Now, at least, we know that the competition is frightened and is working hard to stop us or get our technology. Not something radical like the DOE or DOD. OH. We may not be able to file bankrupts even frozen we have less debit than assets. We are looking at alternates to get the engine out here and abroad. I will be very happy to flush this company and join my stockholders in a new quiet company just to watch people squirm as we get products out. So if you have ideas, beyond centralizing a secret training point, in a foreign country or simply giving it to the Chinese, who REALLY want it, I have had several calls from that area and South Korea, let me know. maybe we just become the US Master and research company or something simple. Whatever happens at 71, nearly 72, I do not plan to run it. I did that this long just to keep my brother banging on, me while we developed what he can not do after 33 years and millions of dollars. But now we can stand alone and there is no way that competition can kill the engine. I may even write that book and make it all “public domain” and just take “consulting” jobs. Who Knows. To me it is just too bad that these people can not think of the planet and not their GREED. I would caution anyone “working withSterling to remember us. We supported him BIG time and he did this to us.. Broke all his contracts and showed his ethics. Be Ware, you could be next. And without us he will need a new target!.

At least I can sleep good now. We have NOT screwed any of our stockholders and I do worry about them. Even if, like me, they are more concerned about the earth than GREED. I don’t think we will have a problem fighting this but it was not meant for them to win, only DELAY. And I will also say they must have spent a huge amount of money on this. But, Bob Rolls On as does Dr. Mike and the Monkey man.
I did hear, from a friend, that the people looking for Peter have found his hiding place. They will have fun! For those who do not know, Peter abandoned his family to come to Vegas, where Terry and Judge Jones gave him shelter and money too keep him from being totally “homeless“. He thanked them by telling lies to the Feds and implicating them in HIS scam. He also stole 12 thousand dollars from us. Nice Guy. BE WELL!!


THIS IS FUNNY NOW!!!! I talked to some friends that take small companies into the real world of business. They are very good and have chauffeured some now big companies out of their WEB presence and into the Public Eye. They are advising me, as well, but because both are busy with others not directly. They mentioned that I had made the usual mistakes. I trusted too much and when they failed to deliver My promises and expectations got clobbered. ALL TO TRUE!!!

They did make a comment that hit home, as well, since I have been hammered on for 4 years, The said:
     If you are the leader in your industry, you are the “BIGGEST TARGET” to all that “envy” you, hear that Monkey Ron and Bob, or WILL lose money because of your “SUCCESS.
That also hit HOME!!! I explained some of the wrath laid upon us now and they laughed and reminded me “they count for nothing.” and are not worth the time to worry about.


COMPETITIVE History, Status/Description — .

The last person to do anything constructive was Jimmy Sabori, who WAS licensed by Papp International to use the Papp Engine, designed by Joseph Papp and used for the 1982 “certification“. before Papp‘s Death and the Papp International closure. See Sabori Video on Video Page. But remember, Sabori had a license and NO ONE ELSE has.
From Sabori until I filed for our pending patent, and got active, NOTHING had happened in any way to develop this technology. Only Promises and money raised and spent into their pockets. A look at the Videos on this site’s Video page show that very well.

A corporation Clean Energy Inc (CEI), was formed by Robert Rohner and Heintz Klosterman ,as soon as Papp Died, was right there taking in money. It took in millions, per Robert Rohner’s statements, and others, So it was well funded. Net result is ZERO and the company is defunct by all indications.
One scientist (sic), Dr. Michael McKubre of SRI International (formerly Stanford Research Institute) in Menlo Park, Ca, USA., was a member of CEI, he statedfor over 12+ years” , and still has no clue how it works. The most interesting part of MM, as he is noted on the spread sheets for payment, is that SRI, his other employer, has NEVER explored, and is still not, “investigating” this.

However from the CES show we know of several colleges and universities, on their own funds, that are “ACTIVELY” studying this. We have provided them with a research licenses and will be only too happy to work WITH them. We also know several of these “schools” are way in front of the CEI Guys. Schools CAN work WITH us!!
Klosterman did receive a patent not for what he discovered but what he read from his correspondence with Joe Papp.


Robert Rohner (using Rohner Group) has current debit of $80,000 and has stated he will show engines running in a couple weeks, several times, Has not done so. He states he is Backed by South Koreans. BUT, He is doing everything, including using our dead brother, to raise more money to stay alive. Keep in mind this “Papp” process, unlike ours, uses “Radio Active” elements that can cause, and maybe has caused, death. T%om Died from a cancer know to be created by this “Radio Active Source“.
He he “is selling, not licenses but, “marketing rights or partnerships.” price: 40% of one for $7.5 million dollars. Which pretty much sums it up!!
He also states that MM, Mike McKumbre, of Stanford will be “certifying” his engines. However when Stanford University was contacted they knew of no such assignment and when SRI was contacted they stated the same thing.
He MAY have something ready in 8 Months or he may wait another 30 years to do anything
At this time there is no published “Business Plan”. No Modern Patents are Pending.
No production version of his engine has been readied for production or is expected soon.

Klosterman/Girouard (using Unity International) has just released a video, showing something like what we did with two cans and firecrackers as kids. We did not see a REAL engine and just the “CAN” popper.
Heintz has burned thru the $500,000 he got last February, when Dr Mike tried to get our patent for him, and is out now trying to raise monies.
At this time there is no published “Business Plan“. No Modern Patents are Pending. No production version of any engine has been readied for production or is expected soon.

Both are using the Public Domain Papp. There is a good reason THEY are using the OLD Papp and we are using OUR Plasmic Transition Process technology. That is why you need a license to work with the Big Boys like US.



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