Aetherdynamic Systems Air Turbine being constructed

Here’s an interesting email that came in today, as follow-up to a page we posted at PESWiki back in 2007.

From: Zorzi, Kim
To: sterlingda
Sent: Monday, March 25, 2013 1:08 PM
Subject: Air Turbine being constructed.

Hello Mr. Sterling [Allan],

We have not spoke in a while.

Just a short note concerning the (RAT) Air Turbine Generator.

The new company “Aetherdynamic Systems LLC” has been formed in Texas. The air turbine has undergone extensive evaluation this last year and proven to be a solid piece of technology.

Recently a patent has been filed concerning the IP of the air turbine. Most importantly, two prototypes are being constructed and will begin testing soon. Many changes have taken place in the design over the last year. The horsepower output has continued to climb thru these changes according to the calculations, but the actual testing will prove if we are even close.

As in the Implosion motors designed by Victor Schauberger, as the rpm increases so does the horsepower. Increased horsepower can be achieved but implosion need not be used.

Here is a 3d image of the air turbine for posting. All parts were verified for manufacturing thru the 3d buildup.



Also seen here is a 100k watt axial flux generator as it was constructed. This now gives you more of an idea of what is being built. I cannot go into any more detail of the workings of the air turbine then what has already been written. But I can say that outside sources will be testing the RAT to verify its capabilities.

Hope your doing well these days.


Kim Zorzi (KAZ)

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