Bedini SG Intermediate Handbook Launched

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From: Energy Times Newsletter
To: Sterling D Allan
Sent: Tuesday, March 26, 2013 4:08 PM

Hi Sterling,

We are excited to launch the sequel to the Bedini SG Beginner’s book. It is Bedini SG – The Complete INTERMEDIATE Handbook!

This goes deeper into the Bedini SG energizer technology and shows you a bunch of John Bedini’s * SPECIAL TRICKS * for boosting the output even more, which even includes Nikola Tesla’s “Method of Conversion”.

Get your copy now:

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p.s. There are less than 75 of the 150 seats left for the Bedini-Lindemann 2013 Conference and Eric Dollard will be a guest presenter! Register now and meet some of the pioneers of the modern day “free energy” movement:

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This came in from Peter Lindemann

To: Sterling
Sent: Thursday, March 28, 2013 2:39 PM
Subject: Peter Lindemann’s Free-Energy Newsletter, March 28, 2013


Well, it’s been about 10 weeks since my last Update. I’d like to wish a warm welcome to
all of the new people who signed up for this service during that time.  If you are interested,
you can find all of my previous Update Newsletters on the Newsletter Archive page of my
In my last Newsletter, I gave a brief overview of my philosophy and goals for this year. If
you haven’t seen it, you may wish to take a look.
I am more convinced than ever that 2013 is going to be a “break-out” year for energy
alternatives. More and more people are waking up to the idea of FREE ENERGY as
something available and practical. The Natural World is in continuous motion, in dozens of
ways, and if we are clever, we can find ways to convert this “matter in motion” to provide
for our everyday energy needs in low-cost ways.
In previous Newsletters I have discussed how much energy can be replaced by simply not
needing it! Modern appliances are specifically designed to waste lots of energy. Did you
know that only about 40% of the energy used by your hot water heater becomes hot water
that YOU use for washing dishes and clothes, or bathing? So, the easiest and most
available source of FREE ENERGY, available right now, is all of the energy you don’t need
to buy in the first place!
You may not know, but you can easily reduce your home utility bills by 50% or more by
following a simple set of guidelines. I have discussed many of these ideas in past
Newsletters and they are still available in the archive. I have also compiled all of these
recommendations in a downloadable manual called Save on Home Energy. If you haven’t
seen this before, check it out.
With energy savings in mind, here is an amazing new product you may not have heard of.
How much water, time and energy are wasted keeping things clean. Well, not anymore.
Ultra-Ever Dry is a new nanotechnology that can be coated onto almost anything that
makes it nearly impossible for the surface to be soiled. The coating creates a micro-
barrier of air next to the surface that repels water, mud, dirt, refined oil, and even wet
concrete. If you have a product that needs to remain clean and dry in all kinds of
conditions, check this out!
Here is a short YouTube film about this amazing Nano-Technology:
If you want to see what people are doing with this product, just put Ultra-Ever Dry into the
YouTube search engine.
Also, here is the website of the company selling Ultra-Ever Dry:
In the last issue, I introduced you to the idea of “additive manufacturing,” otherwise known
as “3-D Printing.” I also said that this process is entering into its “explosive innovation”
period right now, like internet marketing was doing 20 years ago.
Here are two articles that expand on that idea. Please keep in mind that I advocate a
peaceful and honest society. The trends in these articles suggest that people who love
freedom and independence are starting to adopt 3-D Printing to accomplish their goals.
Imagine what will happen when these methods are used to “open source” a fuel-less
home power source? And by the way, that day is coming!
In my Newsletter of last November, I announced the first, real set of plans, available on the
internet, that explain how to build a machine that produces more energy than it runs on.
This book is called Bedini SG, The Complete Beginner’s Handbook. Response to this
release has been enormous. Researchers from all over the world, who have been
following this technology, have written us with near universal praise for the book’s clarity
and depth of insight.
Now, the second book in the series is being released. This book continues the instructions
at the intermediate level. It’s called Bedini SG, The Complete Intermediate Handbook.
This book shows you how to “fine tune” the model built from the first book and enhance
the energy recovery process. With these design up-grades, your SG model can draw less
energy from the first battery while charging the second battery even faster. It also fully
explains the energy gain mechanisms and how this invention relates back to the work of
Nikola Tesla.
 “The second book is even more enlightening than the first one, and that’s saying a lot.”
So, plans for a real Free Energy machine are now available to the public. They include
complete parts lists and assembly instructions, as well as circuit schematics and
explanations of circuit functions and theory. These books allow you to build an 18 watt
demonstrator model while you learn EVERYTHING about the science and technology! If
this is what you have been waiting for, it’s here! Check out these links.
Bedini SG, The Complete Beginner’s Handbook:
Bedini SG, The Complete Intermediate Handbook:
And finally, registration for the 2013 Bedini – Lindemann Science and Technology
Conference is now open. Just visit this link
and fill in the registration form online. This year, guest speakers include
Eric Dollard and Jim Murray. You really don’t want to miss this! I’ll see you there.
Well, that’s it for now. Thanks for all of your support and for helping make this a better
Warm regards,
Peter Lindemann, DSc
© Copyright 2013
Clear Tech, Inc.
PO Box 713
Liberty Lake, WA 99019

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