The Story of the Joe Cell (Documentary)

Compiled by Sterling D. Allan
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I’ve been getting several fascinating emails regarding Joe Cells. Here are a few, which I’ve been given permission to post.

The first is a link to a 25-minute, well-done documentary film that was done a few years ago by Charles Mansfield, but wasn’t posted until Jan 29, 2013 by Guy Mansfield. It is informative, entertaining, inspiring.

It includes some entertaining cartoons to illustrate the narrative. In addition to a lot of footage featuring humble Joe, it also features interviews with Dan Winters; replicator, Peter Stevens; Noah Yamore, co-founder of Byron New Energy Group; and skeptic, Dr. Ariel Liebman, Quantum Physicist from the University of Qeensland, Australia.

Yvonne Hanna, who gave me that video link, wrote:

I have read a lot about Joe over a number of years but this is the first time I have actually seen anything from him explaining his work.

Very inspiring. Captivating.

It begs the question: “What ever happened to this research?” It seems to have fizzled.

That’s where these follow-up emails might be of interest to you.

Here’s a question that came in:

From: Brydan D
To: sterlingda
Sent: Wednesday, March 20, 2013 7:17 AM

Gday from Australia,

I am looking into making myself a Joe Cell – figured they are a fairly simple piece to make, though I understand they can be quite quirky and temperamental also […]

For the most part, I am mainly wondering if there’s anyone around who has a little time on their hands to give a fellow a few pointers on where to start something like this.

Any help would be greatly appreciated, cheers.


And this is the first of two responses that came in:

From: Bernie Heere
Sent: Wednesday, March 20, 2013 10:08 AM
Subject: RE: Joe Cell


There are the also the 2 JC discussion groups:

My group:

Peter’s group:

And now there’s a newer group, where we’re discussing a much different technique for commissioning a cell, which looks like it will pretty much eliminate a lot of the known instabilities:

I’m currently working on what amounts to a “Super EFIE” system, which I think will make EFI engines more able to utilize the cell energy. I’ve also been spending more time working with the alternative devices which generate a JC type energy field. But I’ve spent years working with the cells, so if you have questions I’ll try to answer them. But it would probably be better to ask them via my group, so more people benefit from the answers.


[postscript] I’m doing a little e-commerce in selling the scalar energy  healing tools:

And here is the second response:


—– Original Message —–
Sent: Wednesday, March 20, 2013 10:58 PM
Subject: Re: Joe Cell
Hi Sterling.
Good to hear from you. I’m still around, mainly working with the Brisbane based alternative energy group Panacea-bocaf.
I am currently working with a [location omitted] inventor on a fuel saving system. The inventor sold the rights except for Australia, to a US guy a few years ago and this guy got pretty well wiped out in the 2008 financial crash and he has been incommunicado ever since.
Here is a brief video with the American guy explaining a little about the invention.
He says that his company invented and patented the device. This is not true.  He did pay for the patenting but did not invent it. An Australian guy is the inventor. The Jeep Wrangler was chosen because there is plenty of headroom under the hood as the units have to be mounted vertically. This makes fitting to other types of vehicles very difficult and virtually impossible so we are working on testing another design.
For Brydan’s information, the Joe Cell is still being built by people on the Joescell2 website but they have had limited success. I dropped off it a few years ago as those that I saw trying to get it to work had either partial or no success at all. I never built a cell because nobody here could show me one working. Plenty of rumours of working cells but no actuality.
There are only three people in the world that I know of, that ever got it to work fully.
Joe himself, a guy called BJ and Bill Williams.
Joe will never tell. He and his family got seriously threatened in the later 1980’s so he would not talk about it and still won’t.  I have seen him a couple of times in his home town of Lismore, Australia and he is trying to sell the rights to a water purification device which looks exactly like a Joe cell. He wants many millions of dollars for the rights but nobody will entertain this.
BJ in Queensland, Australia claimed he had built several working “Proton” Cells but after moving house a few years ago, owing back rent and receiving starter capital from a businessman in Perth to build a working cell, disappeared with the money and has never surfaced.
Bill Williams in the USA, after getting the cell to work on his Ford truck, got threatened by two men in dark suits brandishing guns and was told to destroy the cell and associated drawings. Also the power of the cell scared him and he urged anybody building one to be very careful and it was not advisable to try to commercialise it, as someone could be injured or killed and therefore he would not be a party to giving anyone any help.
Bill will not answer messages about the cell. It is a closed book.
To my knowledge. Peter Stevens never got the cell to work 100%, certainly not in my presence and yet he coached Bill Williams via telephone and e-mail on how to build it and get it operating.Peter is now selling a fuel saving device which is really only a powerful circular neo magnet which slips over the diesel or petrol fuel line. He claims a 30% to 50% improvement in MPG but so far I have been unable to verify that with my diesel 3 ton pantec, probably because I have only driven locally since fitting it but am about to do a long haul of 400 miles so if it works I’ll let you know.
I think Brydan’s best bet is to join the Joescell2 group and talk to the guys who have had partial success so far.
Best regards,
John Carter
PS I am traveling to Montreal in June to visit my wife’s family and friends. She will travel there a few weeks before me.
On the way, I will be calling in to see Alan Francoeur in BC, Canada who seems to be making good progress in the rebuilding of the ED Gray motors.


Sent: Friday, March 22, 2013 5:19 AM
Subject: Re: (permission?) Re: Joe Cell
Hi Sterling.
Anyone wishing to find out about this device should try to contact Eric Olsen at InfiniMPG (see video) wherever he might be. He has all the legal rights to the device.
If anything further breaks, I’ll let you know.

# # #

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