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SWAT Team Swarms Russ George’s Office, Formerly D2Fusion

by Sterling D. Allan Pure Energy Systems News Seven years ago, on March 26, 2006, I created a feature page at  At that time, the story was “Company expects…

SLAC/Stanford's Yi Cui holds a lab demonstration of his group's new lithium-polysulfide flow battery contained in a simple flask. The design could serve as a model for a low-cost, long-life battery that enables solar and wind energy to become major suppliers to the electrical grid. Credit: Matt Beardsley, SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory

New battery design could help solar and wind power the grid

This story was submitted from a couple of different places: MIT Technology Review and PhysOrg, which includes a video. Here’s an excerpt from the TechnologyReview version, Kevin Bullis on April…


BoredShortsTV does Kid Snippet on Hydroxy

by Sterling D. AllanPure Energy Systems News Yahoo! I get to introduce you to one of my favorite entertainment / down-time YouTube channels by a group here in Utah, BoredShortsTV, who…


Physicists believe it’s possible to build a perpetual motion machine

Dimitri brought this story from to my attention. QUOTING: All bets are off. A prominent physicist has just announced that he’s developed a proof for “time crystals” that can…


Small Fundraiser for Free Energy Artist

by Sterling D. Allan Pure Energy Systems News Joseph Riso has helped us out a number of times. He did my business card, he produced an excellent video on Water…


TeslaTronix – Tesla Power For The Masses

Copying this from for archive purposes. Website: Boasting one of the most simple Tesla coil driving circuits ever, TT makes wireless electricity simple, easy, and cheap for everyone….

Image Credit: Roman Pyshchyk / Shutterstock

New Plasma Device Considered the ‘Holy Grail’ of Energy Generation and Storage

Joy Cernac brought this to our attention, from [ Watch the Video: Plasma Device Could Revolutionize Energy Generation ] redOrbit Staff & Wire Reports – Your Universe Online Scientists…


University of Illinois New Microbatteries the Most Powerful Yet

Intro by Sterling D. Allan Pure Energy Systems News This new technology delivers both power (high charge/discharge current) and energy (delivery over a longer period of time) capabilities in a…

Here Himansh Verma poses in front of their production facility.

Himansh Coming to Europe to Entertain Licensing for Self-Looped Motor-Generator Technology

by Sterling D. Allan Pure Energy Systems News Last Fall, I posted a page about Self-Looped Motor-Generator systems in which a smaller motor is able to power a larger generator,…


Cogar International Energy Corporation’s Hydro-Electric Reactor

By Sterling D. Allan Pure Energy Systems News I’ve posted a new page at PESWiki, and for historic archive purposes, I’m going to copy the opening text as it appears…