Himansh Coming to Europe to Entertain Licensing for Self-Looped Motor-Generator Technology

Himansh Verma in Zurich, April 19

Himansh Verma in Zurich, April 19

by Sterling D. Allan
Pure Energy Systems News

Note my Caution statement added below on May 27, 2013.

Last Fall, I posted a page about Self-Looped Motor-Generator systems in which a smaller motor is able to power a larger generator, which is able to provide enough power to loop back and keep the smaller motor powered, while also producing excess power left over for practical use.

For example, a 2 kW motor is able to power a 7.5 kW generator, providing a net 5.5 output for practical use. Apparently, some kind of resonance or harmonics is set up with the environment, making this possible. And this uses off-the-shelf motors and generators.

This was first brought onto my radar by Himansh Verma, who few in from India to meet with me in Salt Lake City last Fall. He showed me a video of a such a system that he said they had seen run for 50 hours continuous before the belt started smoking on it due to inadequate engineering.

He and his engineers in India have since resolved the engineering issues, and they are now building fabrication plants to bring this into production, with expectation of commercial unites being available for sale in about six months in India. That is one of the reasons why I have listed this notion in #1 position in our Top 5 Exotic Free Energy Technologies listing.

Here Himansh Verma poses in front of their production facility.

Here Himansh Verma poses in front of their production facility.

Another view of the production facility in India.

Another view of the production facility in India.

Another reasons is that there are several other technologies along these lines, which involve the same concept, arrived at independently by other inventors or groups. I met another such group at the Yildiz Demo booth in here in Geneva (where I’m still at). They are a professional group in Germany that has a 10 kW system that uses this principle.

I mentioned last week that Himansh was going to try and make it to the last day of the Geneva expo, but he didn’t get his visa until today, so his trip has been postponed until Wednesday.

He gave me permission to list his itinerary in case there are groups that might be interested in meeting with him to discuss possible manufacturing of this technology elsewhere in the world outside of India. He’s covered for India.

What he is looking for is investment and manufacturing groups that are able to roll this out.

He said there are several prototype units available near New Deli, India that can be inspected by qualified, interested parties.

Here is his Itinerary at present:

April 18, ~8:30 am Arrive in Geneva, Switzerland.

April 19, 20 in Zurick, Switzerland

April 20 pm fly to Paris, France

April 22 am fly to Izmir, Turkey

April 24 am, return to New Delhi

If I’m not available for preliminary inquiries, you can reach him through his website: www.nfpc.bz

The best way to reach me is by Skype: sterlingda (mention why you want to establish contact, if you are already not one of my contacts, so I know you’re not a lonely spam girl in Russia)

Here are some photos of Himansh at a press conference about solar panels, which they also manufacture. He said he has also had a press conference about this new technology.



Memo posted May 27, 2013
Some correspondence samples added June 4, 2013

While I have a level of confidence that Himansh is involved in a promising clean energy technology, namely a self-looped motor-generator system, that is worth careful scrutiny, my conscience tells me that I need to be forthcoming with some additional information that should also be taken into consideration when deliberating whether or not to enter into some kind of business relationship with Himansh.

When Himansh visited with me in Salt Lake City in the Fall of 2012, he offered to provide financing for my travel when I have very promising things to go see. Not long thereafter, approached him about financing my trip to Europe to attend the E-Cat conference and to visit several other very promising technologies around Europe, which he agreed to do.

Though we had about two weeks notice for the event, my official itinerary for the flight arrived by email just one minute before I had to leave for the airport. I can relate to that kind of thing, because often I am pushing things down to the last minute, in this case, the price of the ticket didn’t fluctuate much whether it was 2 weeks advance notice or 1 day.

Once I was in Europe, he told me to keep a record of my expenses and to send him an invoice when I return, which I did. The total invoice came to $2500. As time was slipping for his promised time for paying, another friend from India chipped in $1000 to help redeem his country’s reputation being put in jeopardy by his fellow countryman. So the invoice was adjusted to $1500.

It is now more than half a year since Himansh promised to reimburse me, with many promises given along the way that payment would be made by such and such a date, and still he has not paid.

When I was in Geneva, Switzerland, for the Yildiz All-Magnet Motor Demo, a day before heading home, he contacted me, saying he had an airline ticket to come to Europe the next, and if I would like to help line up people who might be interested in licensing their technology. I told him that given his lack of following-through with his promise to repay those Europe travel expenses, that my confidence in his integrity was not very high, and that I would be giving people a heads up about that. He was okay with that, and promised to pay the balance owed for sure.

I went ahead and published the above story about his coming, and arranged for about 10 people to meet with him, and I told most of them about my hesitation regarding Himansh’ reliability/integrity.

After I informed him that I needed the funds prior to the end of the month (later in the dialogue below), he promised me that “for sure” he would get me the money by the end of the month. That was mid April. He still has not sent the money.

[4/15/2013 6:13:16 AM] himansh verma: Let me reach back from Europe I will wire u by 1 st week of May that’s an Gentlemen Promise!

[4/15/2013 10:30:25 AM] Sterling D. Allan: [...] The fact that you promised a number of times to pay the $1500 for my Europe trip but did not yet, is not a good indication of integrity; and is consistent with greed.
[4/15/2013 10:31:13 AM] himansh verma: I can understand that but trust me there was some other reason!
[4/15/2013 10:32:03 AM] Sterling D. Allan: I just know that when I make a promise, if something happens to keep me from following through, I should inform the person, and let them know of my intention to make good when I can.
[4/15/2013 10:32:51 AM] himansh verma: But I promise this is not going to happen in future.
[4/15/2013 10:39:42 AM] Sterling D. Allan: For me personally, I’m very trusting, and I want to give you a chance to pull through; and I am confident you will.

[4/15/2013 10:46:03 AM] himansh verma: Okay but that I will pay along the 1500$ as promised.

[4/21/2013 6:22:59 PM] himansh verma: Sterling how are you ? [...] I will not forget to deposit ur balance which is 1500$. Had a nice time n meetings in europe & the credit goes to you, thanks u.

It’s not the money that is as big an issue with me as it is the integrity and trustworthiness. You need to know that when Himansh promises something, that it doesn’t necessarily mean he will follow through as promised.

You don’t want to be in a position of depending on him coming through on his promises.

[5/4/2013 7:13:40 PM | Edited 10:13:44 PM] Sterling D. Allan: Hi Himansh,
One of the guys’ checks that I paid back a loan to cleared today putting my bank into -$630 overdraft, since I haven’t received your promised $1500.

Please advise.

I thought for sure I could count on you this time.

It’s not that he doesn’t have money. In a recent Skype chat, he told me he was going to buy a celebrity cricket team on May 20 as part of the marketing for this device.

Also, in response to the above, an associate of mine wrote:

What is also very strange is that he didn’t answer my 2 emails after our meeting in [Europe].
I have the strong feeling that he is much less far [along than] he says he is. In my opinion, also, with him, everything is about money.
I [presented] to him interesting proposals, but he doesn’t react.

Several people I respect have used the word “extremely greedy” in reference to Himansh. I told him that back on April 15 when he wanted me to round up some people to meet with him. He took it in stride, and said he didn’t think it was applicable, but that his first motivation is to help the planet, both the Earth, ecologically; and its citizens, economically.

In this industry, I figure you sometimes have to put up with what you have to put up with in order to advance the larger cause.

June 4, 2013 Update

Because of the cautionary statement posted above, as might be expected, Himansh has uninvited me from attending the demonstration of his technology that was soon to take place, flying me in at his expense. Here is an excerpt of what he wrote, slightly edited from text-speak.

I was surprised to see this link about what you have written about me; even you have mentioned my cricket match thing, where you have got nothing to do with it. [Himansh said announcing would need to wait until after May 20] Not feeling comfortable disclosing anything to you. And for the same, I have shown this post to my associates. They said your credibility being a journalist is not good as you can post anything good or bad just for the sake to pay your personal expenditures. The thing which you have posted have discussed between you and me, and I have paid for your air tickets just after meeting you for the first time in SLC. We have lost our confidence in you. And we have decided to cancel the exhibition for the demonstration for you or your investors.

And if you want me to pay, then you have delete everything regarding me or company from your page. Thanks

And for your kind information, I have paid your money to my friend *** in LA. But don’t no why he hasn’t paid you yet. It’s been 3 weeks I have paid it to him.

And here is the relevant Skype chat from two and a half weeks ago:

[5/18/2013 9:54:28 PM] Sterling D. Allan: I still haven’t received the $1500
[5/18/2013 10:39:55 PM] himansh verma: U will receive it tomorrow
[5/18/2013 10:52:15 PM] himansh verma: Not 1500$ but 1000$ for sure and rest of the 500$ I will pay u in few days time.

I have not received any of that. And this is the kind of promising that he has been doing periodically since last September.

# # #

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