Small Fundraiser for Free Energy Artist

by Sterling D. Allan
Pure Energy Systems News

Joseph Riso has helped us out a number of times. He did my business card, he produced an excellent video on Water as Fuel as well as on Waste-to-Energy, and he compiled a hilarious video featuring an irate phone call I got one time from James Kwok of Hidro. He also set up a Free Energy T-shirt and mug shop.

He’s got three days left on a fundraiser at Kickstarter, and he asked if maybe we could help him reach his goal.

I love his video. It’s every clever. I’ve never seen anything like it, but I bet it will be imitated a lot. You’ve got to watch this. It’s of the same caliber as Go or as Ret and Link.

It doesn’t have anything to do with free energy, but I’d love to see this starving artist sustained. We need to have him do some more videos for us! In fact, if you like his work, helping him go far over his goal would be a good way of saying: “we want you to do more stuff for PESN.”

The video he did of Water as Fuel (via ZPE)” is one of the most popular videos in our PESNetwork YouTube channel, receiving over 120,000 views. Moray King shows it in every PowerPoint presentation he gives. Overview Video: Water as Fuel (via ZPE)

He also did this Waste-to-Energy video. Video:Waste_to_Energy_–_An_Overview

And here is that Irate phone call video. It cracks me up every time I watch it. I think I’ve seen it about 40 times. He took the audio that I provided him, then took still shots from the Hidro+ video, and posted the still shots to correspond to the emotions of the audio.

So, please chip in and help Joseph meet his goal. Better yet, help him surpass it, as a way of saying, “Please, more videos for PESN, we love it.”

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