The Gyrokinetic Plasma Engine by RGEnergy Posts Indiegogo Campaign

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Bob Rohner has posted a fundraiser at Indiegogo titled: “The Gyrokinetic Plasma Engine by RGEnergy” with brief description: “Explore and complete the steps needed to get this unique clean plasma technology to market.” Make sure you pass it on to your social media, contacts and favorite news sources.

In this flexible funding campaign, he’s looking to raise $264,000 to 1) complete the crossover circuitry, 2) construct the Papp fuel mixer, and 3) either restore the original Rohner-designed Papp engine or build a new one.

For archive history purposes, I’ve copied the text below, but would encourage you to go directly to Indiegogo to see the campaign and contribute.

We have a feature page on Bob’s technology at’s_Noble_Gas_Engine

Also, Bob was on the SmartScarecrow show this past Thursday night, giving an overview of the technology. His portion starts 45 minutes into the show.

Here’s what is posted at Indiegogo:


The Gyrokinetic Engine by RGEnergy

Our  Motivation

Grayson and I in the MountainsHello, I am Bob Rohner, a retired engineer. As I grow older, my chief concerns have turned to the future being left for my six grandkids. I worry if they will have the clean air and cheap energy I had as I was growing up. I worry that their quality of life will deteriorate into some futuristic sci-fi horror movie instead of the brighter future we have all envisioned for these new arrivals. I worry about the climate changes, super-storms, blizzards, and droughts that are becoming prevalent.

Many of you out there feel the same way, of that I am sure. The need for a viable clean alternative method of power generation has become overwhelmingly apparent. I believe we may sitting on just the needed solution. I hope you will take part in supporting this attempt to free the world of the debilitating polluting chemicals being forced into our bodies and our environment.


The Engine

An amazing engine was invented over 30 years ago by a man named Joseph Papp. The engine had no cooling system, no intake, and no exhaust. It was fueled by an inexpensive mixture of inert gasses sealed into its cylinders. The engine was elegantly simple in construction and adaptable to mass production. It can be readily sized for individual home generation use in the Kilowatts up to village use in the megawatts. Its high torque power output was certified as correct to the USPTO. Unfortunately the eccentric and controversial inventor died taking the secrets to the fuel with him.

The Papp Plasma Engine

 The Company

The overwhelming needs to complete the development of such a clean and safe device lead to the creation of our company RGEnergy (Rohner Group). My brother Tom and I, both engineers, who worked together to design and build the original gyrokinetic engines, would function as the principle investigators, joined by respected scientist, engineers and consultants. We lost Tom to pancreatic cancer two years ago and have been struggling to find a perfect replacement since.


The Progress

Our efforts to restore this technology to operational status have taken giant steps forward. We have demonstrated conclusively that large bursts of energy can be induced in inert gases, and this energy is controllable and convertible. Recently published works by the Universities of Wisconsin and Missouri are presenting associated verifications of these findings. The results of our work to date is far more than can be viewed and discussed in this short paragraph and we ask you to view our, and YouTube channels to learn more.

Our Goals (with your help)

As quoted from our good friend and advisor Dr. Michael McKubre:

“This is a power source that mankind needs to have. We need to make a push and get this energy out in the hands of the people.


Cross-over Test CircuitryFirst, completion of the crossover circuitry. To run at maximum efficiency, the gyrokinetic engine needs to take advantage of the large electrical plasma discharge in one cylinder to trigger the opposing cylinder. Involved will be the analysis and construction of the circuitry as well as the completion of a full cycle twin cylinder testing apparatus. This test apparatus which is marginally operational now will permit the tweaking of the crossover pre-excitement voltages and plasma discharges to obtain the maximum power output.
Gas MixerSecond, the construction of the Papp fuel mixer per our understanding of Papp’s patent discussions and personal papers. The original mixer built by Papp was destroyed in transit. Originally this inert gas mixer was considered unnecessary. However, new information discovered in his papers as well as the finding regarding the crippling effects that even the smallest of mixture changes and contamination can have on the plasma performance of the gas mix has compelled us to rethink this.
The funding will include providing full material assistance and direction to a volunteer team of engineers.
The Papp Plasma Engine for RepairFinally, we will either restore the original Rohner designed Papp engine or build a new one from scratch. The original engine is sufficiently robust to present the entire power output as a serial (final functional) engine. The retrofit would involve the remanufacture of the stainless carrier sleeves, heads, and electronics. This fully functional and reliable (but not, by any mean field ready) engine then becomes the tool for attracting the engine manufactures. Associated with this step will be the filing of full patent applications.


The Funding

With good budgeting it appears that approximately $264,000 will be needed to get past the first and perhaps second stage. We will at that time determine if the energy output is sufficient to continue to the third stage of engine building directly or detour through an alternative path. In either event a second crowd fund may become necessary. Complete funding for the projects are estimated at $480,000, however as with all research this could be twice or half the eventual need. We anticipate completion of stage 1 and 2 by the end of the year, but as with financing this could be twice or half the remaining time.

Enviromental Notes

The environmental benefits of having no emissions what-so-ever should be quite obvious to all. What makes this new plasma energy source even more valuable is its ability to produce its power output on demand whether mechanically or electrically. No massive and expensive energy storage systems or exotic chemically hazardous batteries are needed to match the fluctuating demands of the consumer.

Company Goals

RGEnergy is driven only to take the engines to this final prototype stage before turning them over to the engine manufacturers with their vastly superior technology skills, and manufacturing abilities. We are in no way interested in reinventing the wheel. It is our belief that a superior product will be created by the existing manufacturers as they jump-in and retool voluntarily once the availability and standardized fuels cells is complete.

Initially, we believe that these engines will likely be relegated to functions such as regional power generation and pumping, until the development and reliability reaches a sufficient level to allow wider applications. Here we are getting ahead of ourselves and only speculating. But with each engine replaced the world will get healthier.


Thank You

The support , the technical details, and the history is a far richer story than can be presented here. Please be sure to visit our website at to learn more.
Your contribution could be the final piece of the puzzle. If you can’t contribute I would appreciate it if you would spread the word to others who can.

Together, let’s give old mother Earth a clean bill of health.

Bob Rohner


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