Stephanie Sutton Describes How She Met Patrick Flanagan (Formerly Tesla?)

Patrick's wife, Stephanie, tells the story of how she met Patrick.

Patrick’s wife, Stephanie, tells the story of how she met Patrick.

by Sterling D. Allan
Pure Energy Systems News

Patrick Flanagan is a very interesting character in the world of free energy.

Last July 10, he came on Coast to Coast AM with me to talk about how he remembers his life formerly as Nikola Tesla. Unlike most people, the memory of who he was before birth was not veiled from him at birth, for some reason. And his early days as a child and young adult certainly are consistent with at Tesla II theme. He then went heavy into water research and products, where he has made some great breakthroughs.

I’ve written quite a bit about all this previously, which you can find linked up at

Patrick has been one of the largest sponsors of PES, having contributed many thousands of dollars in the past year.

Today, he had this video linked up in Facebook, where his wife, Stephanie tells the story of how she met Patrick. It is very remarkable from an enlightened being point of view. They both are clearly advanced souls.

BuzzBroz, the YouTube channel that posted this, has a lot of interesting stuff. You might want to subscribe. I did. Their videos are getting a lot of traffic, at least 2x TheAlexJonesChannel, which is one of the most popular channels at YouTube.

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