Free Energy from Magnets by Leon Raul Hatem

Hatem_5-geared_magnetic_600by Sterling D. Allan
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WolnaEnergiaTeraz sent me notice of this video he uploaded, which features inventor Leon Raun Hatem demonstrating his magnetic gearing apparatus in which one 2.2 kW motor allegedly powers several other 2.2 kW generators. And, supposedly, the additional motors could be infinite.

The demonstration does not give a clear input:output measurement. The four bulbs that he shows could be 500-Watt each. They are not measured. Their brightness certainly is not 2 kW each, let alone 500-W.

We would expect a magnetic gearing system to work as a gearing system, so that one motor could turn several generators. So the fact that it accomplishes this is no surprise.

The video links to which gives reference to our page at PESWiki that features the Hatem device.

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