LED lights ruin retinas, researchers say

disclaimer: image is for illustration purposes only

disclaimer: image is for illustration purposes only

by Sterling D. Allan
Pure Energy Systems News

Thanks to Ken Rasmussen for bringing this to our attention.

Here is an excerpt from spacedaily.com

A study by Spanish researchers found that eco-friendly LED lights can be damaging to your retinas, which cannot regrow or be replaced.

The lights produce high levels of radiation in the “blue band” of the light ray rainbow, which, over time, can damage retinas, ThinkSpain reported. [...]

“This problem is going to get worse, because humans are living longer and children are using electronic devices from a young age, particularly for schoolwork, instead of paper,” Sanchez Ramos said. “Eyes are not designed to look directly at light — they are designed to see with light.” [...]

Adding foods to your diet that are rich in vitamin A, such as spinach and peppers, will protect the eyes, Ramos said.

Obviously, a lot more information is needed than is provided in this article, but we present it as a starting point, to put you on notice that LED lighting can permanently damage your eyes.

The article doesn’t clarify examples of intensity of lighting required to create such damage, or length required of directly looking at that light.

I would imagine that there are several variables at play: 1) type of LED lighting, 2) intensity of the lighting, especially in the blue band, 3) duration of exposure, 4) health of the eye, 5) direct staring, without deviation versus active eye movement.

You can glance momentarily at the sun, without damaging the eye.

I’ve submitted some questions to Dr. Celia Sanchez Ramos of Complutense University in Madrid to try and get more info.

On May 17, 2013 7:07 AM [Mountain] she replied:

Dear Sterling

Thank you very much for your interest

I send you the paper with our first experiments about LED lighting damage.

Kind regards

The paper, published in Photochemistry and Photobiology, 2013, 89:468-473, has the following abstract:

Human visual system is exposed to high levels of natural and artificial lights of different spectra and intensities along lifetime. Light-emitting diodes (LEDs) are the basic lighting components in screens of PCs, phones and TV sets; hence it is so important to know the implications of LED radiations on the human visual system. The aim of this study was to investigate the effect of LEDs radiations on human retinal pigment epithelial cells (HRPEpiC). They were exposed to three light–darkness (12 h/12 h) cycles, using blue-468 nm, green-525 nm, red-616 nm and white light. Cellular viability of HRPEpiC was evaluated by labeling all nuclei with DAPI; Production of reactive oxygen species (ROS) was determined by H2DCFDA staining; mitochondrial membrane potential was quantified by TMRM staining; DNA damage was determined by H2AX histone activation, and apoptosis was evaluated by caspases-3,-7 activation. It is shown that LED radiations decrease 75–99% cellular viability, and increase 66–89% cellular apoptosis. They also increase ROS production and DNA damage. Fluorescence intensity of apoptosis was 3.7% in nonirradiated cells and 88.8%, 86.1%, 83.9% and 65.5% in cells exposed to white, blue, green or red light, respectively. This study indicates three light–darkness (12 h/ 12 h) cycles of exposure to LED lighting affect in vitro HRPEpiC.


On May 14, 2013 3:58 AM [MDT], Sensa Peace wrote:

Subject: LED light – what did I come across just a few days ago.

I am using a computer for only about 2-3 years, and yet started noticing already the burning sensation in the eyes that lasts almost a day after being on it for 3-4 hours.

So, having understood the problem, I have been asking everybody who uses the computer a lot if there is any solution to this problem, like a special screen or glasses ; and everyone so far has been clueless.

Just last week I bumped into a printer who works with computers all day long, for 30 years now. He has started as a technician in the 80′s with an IBM. And so, I asked him the same question. His immediate reply was : oh, yes ; the new computers are horrible for the eyes, and especially the lap-tops – those are the worst – they all use LED or LCD screens – this is exactly what he said.

There were computers everywhere in his few offices (at least 10 – 12) ; and every one except for one was a desk top with an old tube style monitor. (Most of those were expensive, but one’s eyes are even more expensive)

I did take notice, by the way, that after 30 years his eyes are still good.

I took notes on models he recommended and where some can still be found. And I just happened to have ordered one, earlier today.

I can provide you with additional information.

And on May 15, 2013 6:17 PM [Mountain] he wrote:

 I have not used these monitors myself yet,
 and so I can not testify that what he said is correct ; I am just
 relating his testimony and my own observation.
 Even though I have not seen this guy for few years, for I did not
 need any printing done, but I am his customer for a long time, so
 he wound not be deceiving me, and as I mentioned already he
 works with computers for 30 years and still wears no glasses and
 his eyes look sharp.
 He said that all of his monitors are for professionals, and he paid
 for some of them, even be it in the old days, as much as $4,000
 for each monitor. Even today, with being like dinosaurs, and being
 reconditioned at best, they are still in a $1,000 range. So, the
 price tag alone tells of their worth.
 So, here are the models I wrote down :
 ‘Nokia multigraph 446X pro’ – So far I was not able to find this one.
 ‘Hitachi superscan elite 641′ ; ‘Raster Ops MC 7515′ - this two
 I found so far only here :  http://www.compuquick.com/monitorcat.htm 
 The price tag for these was too high for me, so he recommended I try
 ‘View Sonic E90fb’ – 19″, for this one was only $160. I should point out
 that he never used this one, so it was his opinion only that it would be
 good enough for me (we shall see). Everyone is out of stock on this one :
 so, he found this one on Amazon, just a little different version ‘View Sonic P95F’ ,
 I think this one just has flat screen :
 And I did end up buying ‘View Sonic E70F – 17′ model, for that one was only $60
 There are still a few of those left at Amazon :
 So, if are poor like me, this may be a good place to start for just a test,
 but if you can afford the professional, then get it while you can.

And on May 17, 2013 8:43 PM he added:

 Forgot to mention, that the guy said that all new types of
monitors, ‘plasma’ are not too bad. I did not ask for explanation.

I just got my new (that is old style cheap) monitor yesterday.
This is a cheap one for sure, for screen resolution on it is very
low, so all the edges look not sharp; and the old style screen
format throws you off too.
But if this one feels better to the eyes, then a decision between
having better eyes or a better computer screen is an easy on for

# # #

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