Jason Verbelli on Searl Progress and Why Things Delay — World Priorities Off

Jason Verbelli with Searl research

Jason Verbelli with Searl research

On May 18, 2013, Jason Verbelli posted the following comment in response to someone’s remark about our story on the video recently posted.

    John Searl was months away from rebuilding a proof of concept in 2003. Then people who said they wanted to “invest” put poison in his drink and John was in the hospital and almost died. That would have been the end of it.

Then in 2005 Everything was stolen. All the equipment that had been acquired, all the documents he had at his facility and left him with Nothing.

That’s when Fernando Morris got involved. After personally seeing these things happen to John.

2005 to 2010 was trying to REacquire everything that was stolen… again.
But that takes more time, money and effort to get.
No funding… no equipment.
No equipment… no R&D.
No R&D… no final result.
No bucks… no Buck Rogers.

So, when people deliver the funding John has requested for years and years now, John can deliver on the claims.

This is why Fernando Morris build the Mock Up. As a demonstration tool and testing platform to isolate different phenomenon and aspects of the SEG.

John says the rollers don’t touch. So we need to build something to demonstrate that particular effect. (that takes time, money and effort)
John says the rollers will spin as current flows through the gap. Needed to build something to demonstrate that which, again, takes time, money and effort.
Wanting John Searl to “just build” an SEG is like telling a chef to “just bake a cake.”
But you don’t give the chef the kitchen he needs, don’t give him any stove or oven or tools, don’t give him any ingredients, don’t give him gas or electricity to run the building, don’t give him rent to pay for the building, etc.
Then say to the chef, “Once you bake the cake…. Then I’ll give you funding.”
Paradox. In order to deliver fruition on the claims, you need to provide the man with the environment, infrastructure, tools, equipment, etc.
In order for John Searl to Rebuild what he originally built… logic would say that he needs equal funding and support as to when he first developed the SEG. (which took Years and LOTS of backing)

John originally worked for British Rewind Electric Repairs Ltd. in London. Then later worked for Midland’s Electricity Board. They GAVE him everything he needed back then. John started from the top, but today, we have to deal with the reality of what’s called “an economy.”
We have to work from the ground up and deal with reality. Going step by step and validating the claims 1 by 1. Isolating them, demonstrating them and documenting them. To understand the how and why before you try to tackle the overall commercial ready product.
People think too prematurely and don’t want to deal with the reality of costs, time, labor, materials, R&D, etc.

Searl Magnetics, Inc. is a research and development company focusing SOLELY on the SEG technology for power generation.

Not “seeking to represent anti-gravity capabilities” as suggested in the article.

Just to give some perspective to people…

NASA gets hundreds of Billions to look at rocks on Mars.
CERN gets hundreds of Billions to look for “god particles.”
The Federal Reserve prints and GIVES fiat currency to CEOs to bail them out.
Wars cost hundreds of Billions.
The Cancer Society and A.M.A. seem to have collected billions over decades, yet haven’t cured cancer.
Costs like 25 million for a rocket to send to hurt others and destroy cities.
Oil spill clean ups cost hundreds of millions.

And lil ol John Searl is asking for 3 million to research and Re-develop his technology.
Eric Dollard needs a couple million to R&D longitudinal magneto-dielectric waves and wireless electricity.
Marko Rodin needs about a million dollars to bring his ideas to fruition.
The list goes on and on.

People pay for what they love and what they want.
As of now, the people of the world pay for gas, oil, nukes, war, bailouts, and projects that don’t really serve the benefit of humanity.
Personally… if I had control of the funding situation of the world… I’d hold off on 1 missile… and give that money (fiat currency) to the people I believe in and the projects I feel are most noble.

I think the world’s priorities are a bit off.

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