Hero, David Witekind, on Getting Eric Dollard in a Lab

The following was posted today at http://www.indiegogo.com/projects/tesla-round-2-the-mission-of-eric-dollard/x/1179547?c=activity

David has been an unseen force up till now, but he has been the spine of the movement and the very embodiment of “Go Big or Go Home” David SOLD HIS HOUSE to get ERIC a lab. Not to mention maxed out his credit cards and gotten in some serious hot water with his girlfriend.

David is on is own journey of discovery just as we all are. After he took the redpill he sought out the sage of the desert and dedicated himself to ACTION. He did not wait for anyone’s permission. Together we are all making this happen and nothing will stop us.

Want to help? You could donate to EPD Laboratories, the non-profit setup by David to help Eric.

David Wittekind Hero of the Aetheric Revolution

Here’s the video posted about David:

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