Denser plasmoids, fussy filaments: Latest from the fusion frontier

LLPPhysics_fusion-deviceDerek Shannon send the following to his email list, and gave me permission to post it here:

Howdy, fusion friends-
We’re happy to send you the latest developments in LPP’s Focus Fusion research effort.  We encourage you to share these updates far and wide, or join the discussion of this newsletter at the Focus Fusion Society or on NextBigFuture.  Your direct feedback is also always welcome.  Jump directly to the full .PDF of the May report here, or scan the details below:

  • Plasmoid density triples, fusion energy rises with purer plasma – To demonstrate Focus Fusion as a feasible clean energy source, the tiny balls of ionized gas where fusion occurs need to get a lot denser.  Fortunately, the latest improvements to LPP’s FoFu-1 machine seem to be pushing the plasma in the right direction.  More>>
  • Tracking down what’s disrupting plasma filaments – During an experiment, a million amps of electric current cross FoFu-1’s electrodes in a few millionths of a second.  Boosting fusion yields requires this current to stay neatly organized in lightning-like filaments that will compress themselves to high density.  So it’s not a good thing when the telltale traces of these filaments seem to disappear close to where they started out on the electrodes.  What’s disrupting them, and will the next assembly of FoFu-1 fix it?  More (pdf) >>
  • We’ve got a new paper for the upcoming “ICPIG” conference in Spain – The ICPIG paper is now posted online here.
  • US Department of Commerce finds all in order with LPP-Iran Scientific “Fusion for Peace” Collaboration – Nothing to see here, just a chance for science, peace and clean energy  ;-D (pdf) >>
  • We rendezvous with Chu as Congress sets eye on ITER costs – Yours truly (below left) recently had a chance to chat with the just departed Secretary of Energy (below right), while several Senators have asked the General Accountability Office to look into the costs of the ITER tokamak, the giant plasma donut starting many years of construction in the south of France.  The GAO request could lead to the Senate hearings on fusion that we’ve been asking for!  More (pdf) >>

Working for an unlimited clean energy future,

;-Derek and the LPPhysics team
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