Free Energy in “Return to Electra Springs” by PBS’ FutureStatesTV

by Sterling D. Allan
Pure Energy Systems News

Last year, fiction feature filmmaker, Chris Munch, came to my home to film me talking about Free Energy from the vantage point of the role it could play in 1) mitigating the severity of the global economic collapse we have been heading toward, 2) helping people survive the collapse, and 3) helping build a better world on the back end.

Commissioned by ITVS (the Independent Television Service), which Chris says funds some of the boldest non-fiction filmmaking in America, some of which is aired on PBS by way
of the ITVS series “Independent Lens”, this was to be part of an interview Chris wanted to append to the episode he produced, “Return to Electra Springs” as part of the “Making of” commentary as part of the Future States series on PBS, which gives this description:

What will become of America in five, 25, or even 50 years? FUTURESTATES is a series of fictional mini-features exploring possible future scenarios through the lens of today’s global realities. Immerse yourself in the visions of these independent prognosticators as they project a future of their own imagining.


TheĀ “Return to Electra Springs” episode is Chris’ snapshot view of what life might be like when everything falls apart economically, and the role free energy might play. The description is given as:

Retired inventor Will Friedrich and his son are forced to evacuate their home during a tsunami. As they make their way east, they encounter a pioneering community that leads Will to consider returning to his work in free energy.

My portion in the “Making Of” video starts at about 5 minutes. I can’t see how to embed the video, but you can get to it from this link:

Here is an email he sent out to his colleagues announcing the show being online:

From: “Chris Munch” <>
To: “Sterling Allan”
Sent: Monday, May 20, 2013 11:41 AM
Subject: Fwd: Return to Elektra Springs — Online Launch
Dear Colleagues,

It is a pleasure to note that our film RETURN TO ELEKTRA SPRINGS has launched on the Futurestates series website. It can be viewed here:

Also posted on the site is a behind-the-scenes supplement that includes interviews with actors James Eckhouse and Skyler Brigmann, and an extended interview with Sterling Allan, whose website is a valuable clearinghouse of information on exotic free energy innovation.

Our film can also be accessed from the PBS website at, and via PBS iPhone and iPad apps (

Thank you again for being a part of the production. And of course feel free to leave feedback on the Futurestates site or at our Facebook page

With best regards,
Chris Munch

I should mention that our Safe Haven Villages Intentional Community will be working on our project this coming Memorial Day Weekend.

I should also mention that Chris also joined me when I went to LA prior to the Sirius Premiere, when I stopped in to see the Cogar International facility. He shot some footage there, which I haven’t figured out how to access and upload yet. I posted the amateur video I shot the day or so after.

Chris is a great friend of exotic Free Energy. So if any of you out there have a documentary project along these lines, consider tapping him for your film-making work.

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