The Seat Toledo is a 62-MPG (US) Cadillac-sized family sedan not discussed by US Media

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Note, the author of this article doesn’t take into consideration that 1 US gallon = 0.83… European gallons. So 74 MPG (Europe) = 62 MPG (US).

The Seat Toledo, a 74MPG car I would LOVE to have

May 23, 2013

Ever heard of a 74mpg Cadillac sized family sedan that is not a hybrid and has no power plug?

Not on the American market but this car does exist. […] This 2013 Seat Toledo is close to the same size as the 2013 4 door Cadillac CTS, and it gets an astonishing 74 mpg with what by all accounts is just an ordinary engine. Perhaps all those stories about 80 mpg carburetors were true, because this car proves it can be done.

I have always known that cars should be many times more efficient than they have been allowed to be. There have been plenty of examples of extrordinarily efficient cars, Volkswagen made a little pickup truck that could easily get 60 MPG, and a few of the Geo Metros could get 55 mpg, and then, all of a sudden, hybrids could not seem to squeak out over 45. That is when I knew for sure something was going on, and that our cars were indeed intentionally sabotaged to be as inefficient as possible.

This car is bigger than it looks in the picture. The trunk is a 550 litre trunk and is so big that the mafia could easily throw three bodies in. At 550 litres, 12 large 20 litre waterbottles would take up less than half the space. I have had a cadillac before, and despite how it looks in the pictures, the trunk on this car is an easy match. It´s among the largest I have ever seen.

Performance is also not compromised. With a 0-62 time of 10.4 seconds it is no sports car, but it is not a slow dog either, and tops out at 117 mph which is a rated top speed and not just a spot on the speedometer. The sheer size and performance of this car, when put in perspective with it´s fuel economy proves beyond all doubt that a conspiracy to keep all cars on the American market as antiquated and poorly efficient as the American people will tolerate is in fact a reality.


I looked at all aspects of this car, studied it, and it is top notch in all areas.

It has a five star European crash test rating. it has 4 wheel antilock disc brakes. Air conditioning and steering wheel mounted phone controls, radio controls and driving controls are on all models. The price is only $16,000 U.S, the drivetrain is rated as being one of the most reliable on the road, in fact legendary for reliability, All models have at least a smart phone sized digital readout of temperature, time, and whatever else you want on it (you can get more than that), performance tires are standard equipment, and it even has odd features, such as – the front of the car is designed to not hurt pedestrians if you hit them.

Somehow the car has been designed to not break people´s legs and to just push people aside rather than run them down, and the European automotive safety groups have noticed this and rated the car highly in that regard as well. Knowing this feature existed I went back and pushed on the front, and indeed, it was like a stiff cushion that returned to its original shape after being pushed in. And they don´t fall apart as a result of being that way. More advanced optional features include the ability watch the road and automatically brake for you if you are digging for an Ipod and are about to run into someone.

Under the hood – I took a look under the hood, and the engine has at least a foot of open space around it on all sides. It has modern emission controls. It is a turbocharged 1.6 litre diesel. If you want to settle for 55 mpg, you can get the gasoline version. But the bottom line is that the car is so big that as small as that engine compartment looks relative to the rest of the car, you can get a wrench in anywhere without being restricted at all, just like cars were back in the 70´s. Simply unbelievable.

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