Thirty Ambassadors Attend Presentation by Correlated Magnetics Research

VP of Commercialization, Stephen Straus, had an opportunity to demonstrate our innovative technology to President Obama during his visit to Austin, Texas.

VP of Commercialization, Stephen Straus, had an opportunity to demonstrate our innovative technology to President Obama during his visit to Austin, Texas.

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We received the following press release. The reason I feature this is because this revolution in magnets could come in useful to those working on magnet motors or electromagnetic motor systems.

(May 25, 2013 – Austin, Texas) Thirty ambassadors from around the world gathered together to experience first-hand the new advanced magnetics technologies developed by Correlated Magnetics Research (CMR). The Experience America program brought ambassadors from Europe, Asia, Africa and the Middle East to the Texas city for a three-day visit (May 13-15) to experience its culture, learn of the latest trends in American technological innovation and foster international business collaboration.

CMR was one of only five businesses chosen to present to the international audience assembled at the Capital Factory technology incubator – an audience that displayed keen interest in the hands-on demonstrators used to illustrate the breakthrough approach in magnetics.

This fundamental discovery in magnetism applies wave interference, correlation and coding theory to magnetic fields. Quickly following the discovery was a series of pioneering inventions that enable precision magnetization of intricate patterns into permanent magnets using CMR’s MagPrinter®.

“They asked some very insightful questions,” said Larry Fullerton, inventor of correlated magnetics and the company’s CEO. “We were impressed with their technical level of understanding. One of the ambassadors asked how long the fields last after they’re printed. The answer is that these magnets really are permanent – more than a century with very little loss.”

Stephen Straus, CMR vice president of commercialization and strategy, showed the diverse group of representatives an overview of how the technology works. He then demonstrated the interaction of the magnets and how they correlate to produce stronger attachment or produce forces that can be reversed by simply twisting the magnets. There were devices that lock together without surface contact, devices that align repeatedly within a very tight tolerance and devices designed to fly apart with only the slightest vibration or disturbance. The ambassadors were eager to handle the correlated magnets after the presentation and were interested in both the technology itself and in the manufacturing possibilities.

“The ambassadors’ job is to connect opportunities with their local industry. It is our hope that as they return to their respective countries, they will make appropriate introductions,” Fullerton said.

The Experience America program began in 2007 and brings ambassadors to a variety of American cities and towns to encourage economic partnerships. The program is sponsored by the U.S. Department of State.

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