Thane Heins Allows Open License of his Regenerative Acceleration (ReGenX) Technology

ReGenX-Generator-Coild_and_Conventional-Gen-coil-set-up_rdby Sterling D. Allan
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On June 3, 2013, Thane Heins sent the following to his LinkedIn contacts. I should mention that I am not familiar with the present claims of this system regarding it input:output efficiency or overunity, though I do know that the claim is of this ilk. I don’t know how useful this technology would be when implemented. (Thane responds to these questions below.)


Please find enclosed [links below] a Regenerative Acceleration (ReGenX) IP Patent Disclosure, full replication and independent tests from JLN Labs France.

The innovation is now being licensed worldwide with no upfront costs and is available equally to all.

This initiative is meant to provide an alternative solution to the toxic and extremely dangerous (to all of us and all life on planet Earth), Geo Engineering/ChemTrail agenda which is currently underway even though it was banned by the UN in 2010.

Kind Regards

Regenerative Acceleration IP Patent Disclosure

JLN Labs Independent Replication and Tests

UN Ban on Geo Engineering / ChemTrail Spaying

A Convenient Truth and Alternative to the ChemTrail Agenda

Thane C. Heins
President & CEO
Potential +/- Difference Inc. R & D
“Change catalysts using our potential to make a positive difference”
Cell: 613.795.1602

Here’s his patent disclosure:


As I mentioned in yesterday’s PESN story,

Once you have the device advanced enough to do an “open license,” a set of plans are made available for people to  downloaded for a nominal fee, which result in a practical energy generator device, pulling the energy from the environment somehow. Anyone is free to start a business building these and selling them. They would just be obligated to remit a royalty (e.g. 5% of retail) once they are to the stage of selling. So there is no up-front license fee or requirement — only a requirement to remit the royalty. This would hold true for plans, translations, kits, components, forums, franchises. Anything that brings in money as a direct result of these plans would be considered a commercial venture and would be obliged to remit a royalty.

Regarding the ReGenX technology, observer, Clay Graner gives the following explanation:

Overunity doesn’t seem to be claimed, but he may be avoiding it so he can get the patent.
It seems to have been replicated by JNL Labs.  Looks like it is using a Delayed Lenz Effect.  It would appear that at least he has figured out a way to shift when the back EMF is applied so it should increase the efficiency at a minimum.
The induced back EMF induced magnetic field does not oppose the rotor motion. This interaction of magnetic fields and guiding the induced back EMF induced magnetic field improves the efficiency of the power device illustrated here by an induction motor powered generator.


This says:
The Conventional Generator reduces the drive shaft torque by 10.3% when a load is applied because the armature reaction is of a counter-torque nature.
The Regenerative Acceleration Generator increases the drive shaft torque by up to 17.2% when a load is applies because the armature reaction is of a complementary-torque nature to that supplied by the prime mover.

Then, in response to my question in the opening, on June 09, 2013 5:55 PM MDT, Thane Heins wrote the following. Rather than put it in quotations, where WordPress will strip out most of the formatting, I’m going to just copy and paste it below.

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regarding input
Hello Sterling,
A generator converts drive shaft mechanical input power to electrical output power.
The mechanical drive shaft Input Power = Drive Shaft Torque X Drive Shaft Speed.
In all our demos we engage the conventional generator when the drive shaft is already decelerating on no-load or at the very least a steady state speed.
If the drive shaft is decelerating (speed decreasing) on no-load the NET torque is negative (ie mechanical drive shaft power less than zero).
If the drive shaft is accelerating (speed increasing) the NET drive shaft torque is positive (ie mechanical drive shaft power greater than zero).
If the drive shaft is neither accelerating nor decelerating the NET torque is ZERO (ie mechanical drive shaft power = 0.0 Watts).
This is all basic Mechanical Engineering 101.
All conventional generators require an increase in drive shaft torque and power to supply power to a load and the increase in mechanical power from no-load to on-load IS the input power.
The output power is the electrical power delivered to a load – it is not the electrical input power to an electric motor prime mover … imagine wind or water energy in place of the electric motor.
100% Efficient Generator
A generator that requires a 1 Watt increase in mechanical drive shaft power to deliver 1 Watt of electrical power to a load would be 100% efficient
A generator that delivers 0.95 Watts with a 1 Watt increase in mechanical drive shaft power from no-load to on-load would be 95% efficient.
This is how electric all generator performance is done… sadly most if not all so called “OU” people don’t even now this most basic fact so all their evaluations are flawed from the start and the conventional scientific community laughs at the blind leading the blind efforts.
Many, many OU researchers have already achieved OU but sadly don’t have the most basic requisite education to allow them to see it!
regarding output
ReGenX Generator Performance
The ReGenX Generator delivers electrical power from a drive shaft with negative NET torque and reducing speed … ie less than zero mechanical drive shaft power on-load input increase and operates with infinite efficiency.  
Retired NRC scientist Doug Hartwick deduced this in 2009 at Ottawa U and almost had a heart attack as a result.
Dr. Fusina saw this with the BiTT at Ottawa U (OU) operating with infinite efficiency in 2009 also and he also had a fit!
That is why I suggested he employ a fudge factor to the PF otherwise all his efficiencies would be infinite – but he could not accept this. Go ahead and ask him yourself at:
“Dr. Giovanni Fusina”
Rob Woundenberg at Phillips also saw this with his BiTT computer simulations.
Now PDi is producing a ReGen-X Motor that creates motor torque and motive power but consumes 0.0 NET Watts of electric power and operates with infinite efficiency.
“I don’t know how useful this technology would be when implemented.”
So to answer your question see below…

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Here is a relevant portion from the above hyperlinked text:

Potential Difference Inc. has developed three new energy innovations which now all make the Global Warming Issue moot…

The first innovation is the ReGenX Generator, which has the proven ability to accelerate itself under load and the capacity to deliver and infinite amount more electrical power when compared to a conventional generator under identical conditions:
2009 Test Data from NRC Scientist Doug Harwich:

The second innovation is a Bi-Toroid Transformer which operates with infinite efficiency and only consumes reactive power, but delivers real power to the load. Canadian Defense Research and Development scientist, Dr. Giovanni fusina independent third party test data:
[login required]

The third innovataion is the ReGen-X Motor which has the ability to repacture all motor coil magnetic flux into a ReGenX generator coild and produce torque with NET zero power consumption.

All three energy innovations are now being commercialized globally.


Regenerative Acceleration (ReGenX) Electric Generator

Potential Differences Inc. has developed a new electric generator at the University of Ottawa which has the capacity to accelerate itself when delivering power to a load and has the proven capacity to deliver over 800% more electrical output power to a load over any conventional generator currently used today. And it does so with over 60% less input power.


Bi-Toroid Transformer

Potential Difference has developed a new electric transformer at the University of Ottawa which has the capacity to consume only Pure Reactive power at the Primary but deliver Real Power to the load and operate at over 450% efficiency:

Independent third party tests performed at the University of Ottawa by a Canadian Defence Research and Development scientist Dr. Giovanni Fusina:

It continues a bit longer before getting into Chemtrails.

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