Orgone and Free Energy

I (Sterling Allan) got this email today Georg Ritschl of Orgonise Africa, who I met in Hilversum, Holland last November at the Global Breakthrough Energy Movement conference. Stay tuned for a pending announcement of an upcoming Global BEM conference October 10-12 in Boulder, Colorado (where I was born and raised).
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Dear Sterling D.,

Orgone is of course closely related to what some people call “free energy”. Wilhelm Reich described Orgone Energy as the primordial all permeating energy, the “stuff that everything is made of”.

No wonder that advanced theoretical physics are increasingly coming up with very similar ideas, only under different labels:

  • Zero Point energy
  • Quantum fluctuation
  • Ether (becoming popular again amongst recent nobel laureates in physics such as Frank Wilczek)
  • Torsion fields

Essentially everything is energy and energy may just be an expression of consciousness.
As you well know the ancients called this energy Chi, Prana and many other names, including Ether.

In November 2012 I had the opportunity to explain all this stuff in a 1 hour lecture at the Global BEM conference in Hilversum, Holland.

So, for those of you who like watching movies more than reading lengthy texts, here is the movie:

Operation Paradise
Click here to watch the movie

All free energy devices that show effects of overunity, seemingly violating the alleged laws of physics*,  are tapping into this underlying stream of energy.



*The so called laws of physics are radically changing at least every 30 years. The newer and broader understanding always contains the older one as as a special application or subset of rules valid under certain conditions. Just like we still use Newton’s mechanics but not on subatomic particle level, where we use quantum physics or in astrophysics where Einstein’s relativity has proven useful for decades.

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