Hydrobetatron’s LENR Open Source Energy Project

We received the following press release from that advanced high school group in Rome, headed by Prof. Ugo Abundo, who have been making great strides in their LENR prototyping, holding seminars, and getting quite a bit of coverage in our LENR-to-Market Weekly compilation. Now they have a website to open source what they have been doing.

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Online is the website: hydrobetatron.org
open source – energy project

Hydrobetatron.org is a website created by the will of Hugh Abundo and Luciano Saporito, just as support for this project, the willingness to work under the new science of LENR, commonly known as (although a misnomer) of “cold fusion”, with the Open Source philosophy. Therefore you can follow, step by step, all the work of development of the “hydrobetatron,” which will be held in the future, seeking to create a device, (the reactor), efficient and engineer-able by anyone with the necessary technical skills: in fact all data, research, and construction plans will be in the public domain.

The purpose of the reactor is the production of cheap energy, inexhaustible and clean, which we believe is vital to the well-being (and freedom) of man for the salvation of the planet Earth. We invite you to help the hydrobetatron.org project! With the energy being economic, inexhaustible and clean, you will help yourself and also our planet!

These days, we are building, with a group of founding members, LENR researchers, a non-profit “OPEN Power” association. It may enroll private supporters of the idea of sharing, researchers and other associations, public and private.

The purposes of the statute and the budget of the association will be consulted on this website.

The ultimate goal is to offer all such desirable success of research reached, a free alternative and free (for the exploitation of new energy) to the traditional route search-patent-industrial exploitation by competitors.

Not all pages of their site seem to show up properly using Google translate, but here is what does show up.


Welcome to!

Project hydrobetatron is the natural evolution of the interdisciplinary school project of Athanor, commenced in 2011 from the initiative of professor Ugo Abundo and some of his colleagues at the ‘I.. IS Leopoldo Pirelli of Rome. It is therefore, from its earliest origins, a project that was a collaboration of several people: the ‘educational institution, the teachers and the students. At the end of the school year of April 2011 was a patent application filed as a precautionary measure, benefiting the Public Institution, just to protect the idea from exploitation by third parties.
Natural, in a sense, was then in its evolution hydrobetatron current project, which at the behest of Prof. Ugo Abundo, married with enthusiasm and the entire philosophy of open source, which is the philosophy of collaboration and sharing freely of work and the results achieved.

As many of you already know, this philosophy (open source) was born initially in computer science, giving as a result, for example, Linux, which is still today one of the best computer operating systems existing, freely available to all, because of open source. We might also mention the now famous free online encyclopedia, Wikipedia, that was born and evolves as well thanks to this philosophy of sharing freely!


is a website created to support of this project, this willingness to work under the new science of LENR, commonly known as (although misnamed) “cold fusion”, just with this open source philosophy. Therefore you can follow step by step all the work reactor development called hydrobetatron, which will be played in the future, seeking to create a device, a reactor, efficient and engineer-able by anyone with the technical skills, as all data will be in the public domain , and which will yield economic energy, inexhaustible and clean. What we believe is vital to the well-being (and freedom) of man for the salvation of the planet Earth.

The group of researchers headed by Prof. Ugo Abundo, who is studying how to protect your idea and subsequent developments with “patent for the benefit of humanity” is therefore by definition open (open source), even for outside assistance to researchers and scientists who embrace this philosophy. The website hydrobetraton.org wants to be the meeting point of all these contributions and positive intent. We must go beyond any kind of selfishness and desire to exclusive personal enrichment or economic cartels, modalities too attached to the past and which, in our opinion, are still blocking the development of Science and Technology, and prevent positive effects (especially for the benefit of poorest and least-developed countries) that might otherwise be there for all of us if the open source philosophy became in all the fields of ‘Human act, the main operating mode.

Therefore, those who can, and want to do it, can help the project with a donation to hydrobetatron, given the knowledge that it will be used solely and exclusively to the development of this research, and that all expenditure incurred and are subsequently accounted precisely on the site hydrobetatron.org

Good Science open-source to all!

There is no freedom without development, there is no true development without freedom.
staff: hydrobetatron.org

Prof_Ugo-AbundoHere’s a translation of Prof. Ugo Abundo’s biography. Given the poetic/artistic nature of this prose, Google translate doesn’t capture it very well:

Ugo Abundo was born July 28, 1953 in Pescara, a city ‘of the sea.

This sea fascinates him so much to get into his character and forever impacted his approach to nature.
The designs, and mind makes a transaction design.  [bad translation]
It and ‘his first workshop, right from the age’ of primary school.
Li, ‘curiosity’ and the observation, which can not yet be structured in a scientific form, give rise already ‘logical paths that aim is to create schemes that [provide a] vision of nature as a system.
And ‘them’, swimming for hours as he watches and thinks in undisturbed situation, which is perceived as integrated into the waves.

E ‘known among his fellow elementary school, as the inventor, since’ has the huge boxes containing practically all the mechanical or electrical parts that can give a neighborhood street, which builds improbable mischief.

Goes around with a magnet hanging by a thread, so as not to become aware that the mother bends down to pick them up.
During high school gets hold of computer science, of which more than a few years ‘later will be’ wired pioneer in optoelectronic applications of artificial intelligence.

He graduated in Chemical Engineering with a thesis on growth of industrial photosynthetic biomass.
Organize the activities’ of the “Research Centre Tuscany” in the ENI Group.

Switch to develop the software remotely in Olivetti.

He became Director of refresher courses for teachers at a distance, at national level, accredited by the Ministry of Education, on the computer industry.

Among the publications, the most ‘important changes concern renewable energy plants with combined solar-heat pump (1981), the teaching of the emerging distributed computing (1986), a design vision of Nature.

’84 Is concerned (and still today), Artificial Intelligence and Neural Networks with implementation at the John Von Neumann Foundation in Rome.

Professor of Physics at the Higher Secondary, bring to class their luggage (more ‘still experience) Sight’.

He comes across in Cold Fusion, Cold Fusion or runs into him …

They have some of the following photos on their “laboratory” page:

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