Serious Accident with Ball Magnet EMDR Motor-Generator

kugel_emdr_600Compiled by Sterling D. Allan
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The following is an excerpt of a story Stefan Hartmann composed over at

Unfortunately, there was a serious accident on the evening of 20 June.

The Experimentor R. was experimenting with his about 1 inch thick diameter neodymium ball  magnet EMDR .

Suddenly when he reached very high rotation speeds, the ball magnet exploded, probably due to centrifugal forces and several of the neodymium parts have penetrated and ripped through his right hand !!

So please be very careful with rapidly rotating sphere magnets!

If there are high centrifugal forces at play the ball magnets can fall apart and then the shattered parts fly off like bullets!

But he had probably tried too extreme speeds so far stated from his friends, beyond the 100.000 revolutions per minute range!

Then, if the ball magnet inside already had a small fracture or an had internal crack due to falling to the ground once, then it may be due to the extreme centrifugal forces that such a bad accident can happen…  !

These ball magnets are also only produced by pressing together the neodymium powder, so they will not withstand too much centrifugal forces !

R.  was  already operated 2 times in hospital !

He was lucky to get nothing into his face or the head thank God! , but parts of the magnet stuck 2 cm into the wall of his room !

It was just about 1 inch diameter large neodymium ball magnet , which was torn apart by the centrifugal forces
at these high rotation speeds !

Here are some hints and safety considerations of the VisionBlue Energy Team:


You can read the remainder of Stefan’s article at

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