Benjamin Fulford Alleges 3 Free Energy Researchers Killed; RAR Not Open to Visit

by Sterling D. Allan
Pure Energy Systems News

I’ve had quite a few people giving me a heads up about a statement Benjamin Fulford made in his most recent blog post at The opening paragraph says:

The push to end the illegal rule of the West by a criminal cabal is escalating on multiple fronts as seen by a spate of incidents that seem, on the surface to be un-related. These incidents include the “murder” of a journalist in California, the ongoing NSA leaks scandal, the un-reported kidnapping of US ambassador to Syria Robert Ford, the murder of three free energy researchers last week and escalating riots.

Then within the article, this is what he said to elaborate:

We also got a call from a US source who said that three (un-named) free energy researchers had been killed by cabalists and that Dr. Steven Greer of the disclosure project has gone into hiding out of fear of assassination. We have not been able to confirm this independently at the time of this writing.

Yesterday, I sent an email to Steven Greer, and this morning, I left a voice message on his cell phone asking about this, but so far I have not received a response.

If any of you have information about this, please let me know, or post a comment down below.

June 30 Update

I’ve no received a direct response from Greer, but I am still getting the regular newsletter postings from his organizations, which make no mention of any problems, and which are talking about upcoming events that Greer will be attending.

In Other News

imagem40a_600RAR Not Open to a Visit

A group in Brazil that organizes the conference, which will have the biggest Tesla coil in Brazil demonstrated at their event from July 3-6, is flying me down to speak at their conference. They are in the same city, Porto Alegre, where RAR Energia is located. RAR is that company that has the huge gravity motor that has us all intrigued.

At first, RAR responded favorably about me visiting their facility while I’m there, but when I told them that I represent the media as well as a network of possible licensees, investors and customers; they said they were not wanting coverage and that they are not looking for licensees nor investors.

They haven’t posted any new photos since our last story.

Sergio Focardi Dies

Sergio-Focardi_Andrea-RossiOn June 22, Andrea Rossi posted the following announcement at the Journal of Nuclear Physics


We all have lost one of the greatest scientists in the field of the LENR.

For me he has been a tremendous ally, he helped our work enormously and the safety certifications that we are obtaining are the fruit of his consulting during the last 7 years. For me he has been also a teacher for Physics and Mathematics, anytime I needed his help in these matters to better understand the theory behind the effect of the E-Cat.

He has always worked with us with total, absolute and disinterested attitude, thinking only the the interest of the Science behind the LENR.

All the newspapers of the scientific world will say what he has been in the Scientific and University world and his enormous legacy: he has been Professor of Physics, Mathematic, he has been the Dean of the Scientific Faculties of the Alma Mater University of Bologna and the founder of the Cesena branch of the University of Bologna. His pubilcations in the fields of Mathematics and Physics are monumental.

Now, after a long period of illness, that obviously all his friends have taken secret to respect his privacy, he ceased to suffer and starts a new duty for God under another form of life. I am sure he will continue to look after my work from where he is now.

See you soon, my great Friend and Master Sergio! I will never forget our work together and that day in the Brasimone Nuclear facility.

Yours Andrea Rossi

We’ll be posting more about this in the upcoming LENR Weekly.

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