9,999,999th Visit to PESWiki Home Contest; Latest from Boyce

August 8, 2013; 3:30 pm Mountain note: When I first posted this story, I mis-estimated when the 9,999,999 mark would be met on the home page at PESWiki. I’ve been paying attention since, and see that we average about 5,000 visits per day there. So you can see that easily in the next 12 hours we will be passing this milestone number of visits.

By Sterling D. Allan
Pure Energy Systems News

Since launching PESWiki — “The Wikipedia of Free Energy” — in August, 2004, we are now approaching 10 million visits on the home page.

To commemorate this milestone, I thought it would be fun to hold a contest to see who could grab a screen shot showing that number, as well as the number before it: 9,999,999. Just keep an eye on the number of visits at the bottom of the home page at PESWiki, and hit the “print screen” button on your keyboard, then copy that image to an image composing program, then save it down and send it to me. I’m guessing it will click over in the next week, if not sooner, because some of you will be accellerating the process because of this contest.

The two people who send me those screen shots will win a T-Shirt, which you can see me modeling at http://peswiki.com/index.php/News:66,666,666_Page_Views_at_PESWiki.com , which is the page for a past contest, when we surpassed 66,666,666 total page views, except that this T-shirt will also have the number 10,000,000 or 9,999,999 on it.

The T-shirts are produced and contributed by Brother Andrew, of http://HydrogenGarage.com, one of my most preferred advisors regarding questions regarding HHO, hydroxy, other water fuel / supplement technologies in the market.

Michael Nelson, of NASA, who did the third party testing of the Defkalion Hyperion last year, is one of the people who won one of these contests we’ve done in the past. He said he has gotten quite a bit of conversation mileage wearing that T-shirt to various public functions.

When I sent an email to Brother Andrew, asking if he would be willing to do the T-shirts again for this contest, he gave me the following update briefing regarding Bob Boyce, and he gave me permission to post it: (slightly edited)

Boyce was out here for about a month, in CA. He left last Thursday.

He designed a new ‘BBVRC®’ controller (Bob Boyce® Variable Rate Controller) and a ‘Battery De-Sulfator’, that uses electromagnetic and longitudinal energy to take off the lead sulfates and rejuvenate your batteries electrolyte, back into acid, using only 14v.s and 250ma! No other battery de-sulfator on the market combines Tesla’s non-Hertzian waves and DC current to bring back an old battery.

I brought back a battery to 12.5 Volts, with only 3 hours of connection! [It is] best to leave [it] running for several days.

A U wind it, U solder kit for $150 and a tested “Battery Smacker” for $250.00. The 1.3″ toroids have to be hand wound with mil. spec. wire, that is time-consumption in building.

The ‘BBVRC®’ works off a MAP sensor that you connect to your car’s air filter box, varies the rate of HHO going into the air filter box by vacuum pressure. With an Idle setting and a max. setting. It ramps up slowly when first turned on, not to disturb the precious catalytic layer. Also makes a tall spiked square wave, to produce more % of the higher quality ortho hydrogen (static cling gas that bonds to the hydro-carbon chain, resulting in burning ALL of the fuel you purchased!), completing the burn, rather than 25% being wasted down the tail pipe. This cell system should be on all the cars, except they can not stand distilled WATER as the answer. WATER is a threat to their national pocketbook, not us, the 99% US citizen. Also cleans the carbon from your engine, clean spark plugs, lessens oil changes; [results in a] smoother, cooler running engine.

Should be available at Hydrogen Garage in a few months, after testing. Can be added to your cell system, or ours. Designed for a simple 7 plate cell or 2 or 4.

Bob was going to make this controller 2 years ago, but had no energy after his wife passed and after almost dying of cancer from the implanted verichip with cancer isotope, planted by a NSA agent. It is NOT a conspiracy when it happens to yourself, it is reality.

Bro Andrew

Some of you may have joined us after we posted those stories in 2009 about Bob having a tracking chip implanted, which caused a tumor and almost killed him.

Then yesterday, he added:

He does not want to release the hex controller, due to easily turning it into a weapon. The PWM3G board makes about the same high quality gas as the hex controller does. His new controller will also make a hihg quality gas with a electronicly cleansed and conditioned cell. 100 cell box or simple 7 plate cell.

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