In Memory of Ken Shoulders, Visionary in Field of Exotic Vacuum Objects (EVOs)

Posted by Sterling D. Allan
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On May 31, we posted a story in which John Hutchison reported that Ken Shoulders had been rished to the hospital, being ravaged by cancer.

Ken passed away on July 7.

Steven Krivit over at New Energy Times has posted an excellent obituary, which I quote briefly here:

New Energy Times spoke with his daughter, Diane Meade, on July 9 and confirmed the death. She provided the following statement:

“Ken’s brilliance will be missed in the scientific community as a visionary in the field of new-energy exotic vacuum objects (EVOs). He was a leader in this new frontier but perhaps best-known to the scientific community as the father of vacuum microelectronics.

“Ken was also greatly admired for his earlier work for SRI International, resulting in many patents. Other inventions that were based on Ken’s designs were the first commercially available quadrupole mass spectrometers he built, which were developed by Finnigan Instruments. Ken built the first quadrupole mass spectrometers in 1958 while working at SRI.

“Other areas of devotion to science included vertical flight technology, which remained an unfinished passion at his death. Ken will be greatly missed, but his ground-breaking work in new energy will be built on and come to pass when the rest of the world catches up to his vision. Memorial services will be held privately.”

Shoulders was an independent-thinking genius who only finished high school but who had a flare for thinking outside the box, Meade told New Energy Times.

“His development of the quadrupole mass spectrometer was just the tip of the iceberg,” Meade said.

In Other News

While mentioning John Hutchison, here is a link to an interview he did on June 28 with Liberation Artists.

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