Blond Woman Finally Adds Quart of Oil to Her Engine

Posted by Sterling D. Allan
Pure Energy Systems News

Adding a quart of oil to the engine can’t be that hard, now, can it? Look, she didn’t even get her hands dirty. There, done. Oops, missed a spot.

I got this by email today, which was posted over at

It said: “I’m not sure her technique is correct, but at least she’s using the correct weight of oil.”

Wasn’t quite sure where to apply it, but all her friends have been doing this for years.

I hope she also got the battery. That can help prevent acid build-up.

And for good measure, she should put some on the tires so they rotate better.

cord-plugged-into-itselfShe should teach classes on free energy. There just has to be an easier way than the many methods we’ve been chasing after all these years.

She would be a great model for teaching how to plug a power strip into itself. You’ve all seen those videos.

Just don’t tell her about the capacitors in the power strip that you’ll have to re-charge. That would take the fun out of it.

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