Rosemary Ainslie planning final demo for August 11

Rosemary-Ainslie-circuit_2013-05-22-1090_600Posted by Sterling D. Allan
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Revolution-Green has posted the following announcement, along with some background info. We also have additional background info on our PESWiki page about her.

Update: Rosemary is intending to do another demo on SUNDAY 04th AUGUST 2013 – at 16.00 HOURS South Africa time – which is GMT + 2.

Quoting Rosemary:  ”This  is DEFINITELY my last demo. The guys may need to do one follow up – related to battery draw down tests. But that’s no longer quite so urgent.” Let me know about defining those test objectives.  I’ll prepare something anyway – during the course of the day – and I’ll post you on it.

Hopefully this will go a little better than the last test where there were some technical issues regarding the filming and the tests themselves.

Let us know if you know if/where this is going to be webcast live.

Mark E. writes:

On her blog, Rosemary Ainslie said that the time is 15:00 GMT. I do not see anywhere that she has announced a 14:00 GMT time. No information has been posted yet as to where or how this will be hosted.…

“Demonstration details:
03.08.2013 dry-run 15:00 SAST, 13:00 GMT Sunday 04.08.2013 live-run
17:00 SAST, 15:00 GMT Sunday demo to be one hour maximum
Discussion to compose and distribute call summary Call end”

On August 1, Revolution-Green announced that the test has been postponed to August 11.

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