Keshe claims to create plasma through the use of non-nuclear means

Keshe Foundation România (Not necessarily related to this story.)

Keshe Foundation România (Not necessarily related to this story.)

Posted by Sterling D. Allan
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The following update was posted by M.T. Keshe on his forum on August 2, 2013, 7:45 am [Belgium time zone?]

I think perhaps the reason they make the distinction of “non-nuclear reactor”, is not in contrast to other methods in the world (I don’t know of any nuclear-based plasma except maybe Papp engine R&D, and maybe there are some LENR systems that might involved plasma [that I don’t know about]), but is in contrast to their previous method that allegedly was nuclear.

The reason they said they had to postpone shipment of the 5 kW systems to customers was because the units involved nuclear processes, and shipping such units would therefore be problematic. So they had a task on their hand — de-nuclearize the process.

Therefore, this announcement is stating that they claim to have achieved that now. Progress.

Non-nuclear reactor for production of energy and motion

In the past weeks the Keshe Foundation scientific and engineers team have achieved and reached a milestone in development in our research with testing of the new non-nuclear reactor.

The Foundation after initial tests with the new non-nuclear reactor has the following to report;

The creation of plasma through the use of non-nuclear means has been achieved.

Conversion of plasma energy to physical kinetic energy in the form of rotational movement (in hundreds of revolutions per minute) has been achieved. This condition has been maintained for several days.

Conversion of plasmatic magnetic fields in creating Magravs leading to reduction in weight of the reactor system (in Kilograms) has been achieved and video recorded by independent observer.

Transmission of energy through wireless system from the reactor to secondary systems has been observed.

The Keshe Foundation has video recorded most of significant sessions during tests and important events and we shall release these videos after full analyses in the coming weeks.

The Keshe Foundation has invited an independent professor to be present in test sessions as an observer to monitor, translate data and confirm the results independently for the Keshe Foundation.

The Keshe Foundation promised transparency during development of its non-nuclear reactor and we shall maintain this position.

M T Keshe
The Director of the Keshe Foundation

On August 6, the following comment was posted below. I copy it here to bring additional attention to it:

QuestionEverything 08/06/13 04:47 PM

That’s the Keshe propaganda view. It doesn’t have much to do with reality.

For a “nonprofit” foundation, Keshe’s books are remarkably expensive, and “selling” nonexisting “generators” for 5000 EUR each with 500 EUR deposit since April 2011 with no delivery date in sight is an even far worse match for that status. And when not enough people were making a “donation” in exchange for “receiving freely” Keshe’s homeopathy paper he got quite angry and threatened to publish the IP addresses and maybe other personal information of those who didn’t comply:

“[W]e see a lot of misconducts, if we release the number and connected IPs, then you know who has stolen and how has been correct.

Nothing is hidden from our server and systems we have put in position, we monitor and then we take the next step to teach more how to be correct.”

(Keshe on 06/12/2013, http://forum.keshefoundation.o…

“[A] non-denial of it’s reality by the USA ” is an interesting statement. As far as I know, the US government equally hasn’t denied the reality of invisible pink unicorns. Which means about the same.

It is utter nonsense that there ever was an US “presidential decree” concerning Keshe. The US Executive Order of 04/23/2012 (… ), on which this claim is based, has absolutely nothing to do with Keshe. It declares sanctions because of human rights abuses by or on behalf of the government of Iran and the government of Syria. Keshe and his foundation aren’t mentioned. Neither is he included in the “Specially Designated Nationals and Blocked Persons List” (… ) of the US Office of Foreign Assets Control. Keshe simply used this story to blow up his importance. The US government probably doesn’t even know that Keshe exists.

There is no shred of evidence that Keshe has anything to do with the Iran drone incidents. The obvious proof that there is no “Keshe technology” in Iran are the extensive “classical” nuclear power and space flight programs. No country with quite limited resources would engage in such programs if it had access to technology like Keshe talks about. Nothing of Keshe’s meager attempts to argue against this holds any water. There is not a single known case where Keshe has been mentioned in Iranian media. He has very probably nothing more than family ties to Iran.

There never was any statement of the US (or any other) government that Keshe’s ideas represent “a disruptive Technology”. Those about 18 governments which fell for Keshe’s publicity stunt and took his “USB stick” were probably so embarrassed afterwards that they preferred not to talk about the whole issue anymore. There is however one exception. Some time ago an Italian website published the assessment of the Italian goverment concerning Keshe’s “USB stick” (… ). Unfortunately it was taken down after a few hours for copyright reasons. A few hundred people read it (according to the view counter of the article). I was among them. I performed several validity checks and consider the text genuine. The stated source was Luciano Barra of the Department of Energy of the Italian Ministry of Economic Development, who had been assigned the task of evaluating Keshe’s material by Leornardo Senni, head of the Department of Energy. The content was mostly boring, a compilation of known information from and about Keshe. This confirms my long-held assumption that Keshe’s “USB stick” doesn’t contain any noteworthy material beyond what is publicly known anyway. The only really interesting part was the conclusion:

“Sulla base delle conoscenze note, non sussistono elementi per ritenere fondate le teorie e le invenzioni della Keshe.”

Translated (by me):

“Based on the known information, there exists no reason to consider Keshe’s theories and inventions valid.”

Stern analysis and criticism is indispensable to differentiate genuine researchers from charlatans. Many laymen are all too easily deceived by scientific sounding babble or other convincingly presented, but actually baseless claims. This gets even more important if a so-called researcher starts claiming to be a “prophet”, to be able to enforce (!) world peace with his “technology”, to be omniscient, and several other extremely questionable things.

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