GlobalBEM Launches Fundrasier for Boulder Conference

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Last week we announced the upcoming Global Breakthrough Energy Movement (BEM) conference on October 10-12, 2013 at the University of Colorado, in Boulder, where I was born and raised. They have a great line-up of speakers and topics; and they did an amazing job running their first conference last November in Hilversum, Holland.

A couple of days ago, they launched a crowdfunding page at Indiegogo to raise $30,000.

One of the reasons their Holland conference went so well is because they had a private sponsor kick in a large sum. This time around, they’re hoping to spread the expense out a bit more.

Here is their short promo video.

I hope you’ll consider chipping in and/or forwarding this to some of your friends/associates who might also be willing to help make this yet another wonderful event.

Here’s the text of their campaign:

Bigger, Boulder, Better

Here is where you come in:

We didn’t break even with our last conference, but thanks to private sponsors we were able to make it happen. That’s why this time we want to get YOU involved and donate to the cause. We want to spread the word about breakthrough energy technologies and its implications. We can’t make this conference happen and bring this wealth of information to the world without your help.

On top of our running costs/operational costs, we have an urgent milestone that we need your help with. Our goal is to raise $30,000 with this campaign to cover airline and hotel reservations for our speakers and team.

Can you envision a world free of fossil fuels, that is both economically sustainable and environmentally responsible?

Project Story:

One of the major goals of GlobalBEM is organizing conferences to give exposure and bring awareness about Breakthrough Energy. Last November we held our first very successful conference, and we struggled to make it happen. With a combination of no funding, and slow ticket sales, we were afraid of not making the budget and being able to present the mind blowing program we had put together for our audience. Ultimately, because of private Dutch sponsors we were able to make it happen. The 2012 Hilversum, Holland conference was informative, entertaining and unique on many levels.

Due to popular demand and much enthusiasm we have already started planning the 2013 conference. This time we are bringing GlobalBEM to the United States! Our 2013 conference will be held at the University of Colorado in Boulder from October 10th-12th, 2013.

2012 Hilversum conference group pic

This conference will be even more epic than the 2012 conference, our network has increased since this last conference and we have many supporters. One of our major supporters being the Thrive movement.

Why Boulder? Boulder is known for being a very progressive city in the US. Since 2006 it has been committed to reducing its carbon footprint. Their drive is to ensure that its residents have access to reliable and clean power. Boulder, CO has engaged the local community to participate in the planning for an energy future that is both sustainable and environmentally friendly.

macky auditorium , main venue

The University of Colorado Boulder has been pursuing energy research for many years. Their dedication to sustainability is a direct reflection on campus life and within the boulder community.

Boulder Colorado

Check out the link below and read more about how CU-Boulder sets an examples in this field.

Who are we and our mission:

Global Breakthrough Energy Movement is an independent foundation driven by volunteers with the primary goal to facilitate the widespread awareness and use of Breakthrough energy technology and its implications.

What began as a small group quickly evolved into a wide international network of people from diverse backgrounds including scientists, researchers, academics, artists, and business holders. While the core team is based in the Netherlands, the network spans our entire globe.

We define Breakthrough Energy Technology as an abundant energy source, which produce zero-emissions, that can provide clean, safe, healthy, reliable and affordable energy solutions.

Many of these technologies are based on principles of advanced physics, and include, but are not limited to — over-unity devices, magnet motors, cold fusion, vortex, zero-point and advanced hydrogen.

GlobalBEM will support and promote promising inventions in the field of Breakthrough Energy with the objective to bring these solutions to available applications without restriction.

GlobalBEM will facilitate and coordinate the innovators’ initiatives in providing comprehensive evaluations in a professional and confidential environment.

GlobalBEM will create a tantalizing platform to inform and attract all stakeholders to bring these technologies to full production and use to a common acceptance and realization.

GlobalBEM will use its momentum and reputation to promote funding/donation initiatives, research and marketing in close relation to the interests of stakeholders.

We defined three main goals for GlobalBEM:

1. Conferences:
Annually unite great minds and innovators from all over the world to share their knowledge, present their technologies and discuss further steps for development and deployment of Breakthrough Energy Technologies.

2. Educational Resource Document: To create a rich and widely accessible media resource for the purpose of informing and activating the broader public about the history, mechanics and implications of Breakthrough Energy Technologies.

3. Global Movement:
Initiating and acting as a facilitator for a global community, a reunion of humanity calling for the new energy paradigm.

Meet the team:


Thank you for your ongoing support and interest.

Be well, and see you all in Boulder

The GlobalBEM team

# # #

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