Ainslie’s Recent Test Does Not Confirm 2002 Thesis

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I received the following email from Rosemary:

From: Rosemary Ainslie
To: Sterling Allan
Sent: Wednesday, August 14, 2013 9:43 PM

As a point of order – kindly publish the following where it’s appropriate.

In June and August 2013, demonstration experiments were undertaken in an effort to reproduce the experiments and results reported in this paper.  The 2013 experiments were conducted under more stringent protocols than the originals. The experiments conducted June 29, August 10, and August 11 failed to reproduce the results reported here.

The June 29 experiments were unable to bias Q1 as in Figure 3 without current flow also indicated in Figure 3.

The privately conducted August 10, and publicly conducted August 11 experiments were unable to corroborate net zero or negative battery draw during periods of Q2 oscillation. Reference measurements taken at new sense points directly at the battery bank indicated average net positive battery drain of 14W to 15W.  Maximum heater temperature rise during these experiments was 21C.  From our electrical DC power to temperature rise tests conducted in 2011 and appear as Table II in this paper, a 21C heater temperature rise corresponds to an equivalent power of between 2.4W and 3.4W.  We therefore obtained heat output that was only a fraction of the input power.

As we are unable to replicate our earlier reported results, we respectfully withdraw this paper in both of its parts.

Details of the test protocols are available as August 11 Demonstration Outline_draft_05.pdf.  Test Phases 1 – 3 were conducted during the live demonstration.  We ended the demonstration after Test Phase 3 when it became clear that the net battery power drain was far in excess of the possible heater output power.

This retraction relates to the this circuit variant and does NOT represent a retraction of the claims in the Quantum paper published in 2002 a copy of which can be found at this link…

Rosemary Ainslie

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