Final Days of Gadgetman Groove? Ron Hatton Feels the Noose Tightening

Ron Hatton, inventor of the “Gadgetman Groove”, which is a precise groove placed on the throttle body of an engine, allowing for an increase in horsepower, torque, and gas mileage, as well as reduced emissions; says he has been subjected to a number of suppression tactics. 

Posted by Sterling D. Allan
Pure Energy Systems News

I was up at our intentional community project this last weekend and didn’t catch my email until this morning.

There were several messages about Ron Hatton and his Gadgetman Groove being in jeopardy because of what seems to be suppression tactics.

For those of you not familiar, in March 2009, Ron came up with a method of placing a groove in the throttle body of a car to improve mileage. He’s personally modified over 1600 vehicles, and with his team worldwide, they have done around 3000 vehicles.  I had one of his installers put this groove in our minivan in December, 2009, and we saw a modest improvement in our mileage.

This morning, I called Ron and did an interview with him to get his take on what is happening.

After hearing his account, it seems to me like a concurrence of an angry wife over his substance abuse, including alcohol in the evenings as well as cocaine (1996) and meth, that he’s trying to keep bridled; as well as a corrupt police department playing patsy to some larger conspiratorial element. The level of sophistication in bugging his house, hacking his files, and hijacking stuff seems to go beyond what would make sense if they merely were concerned about his substance abuse. It may not have anything to do with his work in fuel efficiency technology; or it may. It certainly has elements of “own worst enemy”.

Update from August 20 pm. In the comments below, Ron wrote:

The thing is, I have lived a drug-free life for 17 years. I never used meth in my life until after more than two months of practically zero sleep, having my friends scared off and having all my electronics taken over. Keystroke loggers, all my pictures and videos of the invaders were erased-sometimes while I was watching them, but I have a witness who has seen them.

These are not delusions, although I admit they sound as though they are.

Many of my techs have come to visit me. All will testify to my being drug-free, for these kinds of drugs leave lasting impressions that cannot be denied.

Would you believe their testimonies? If so, read Lowell Graber’s response, for he was here and knows me.

Ron Hatton
Developer of The Gadgetman Groove

Ron thinks that the reason he’s being targeted is because not only does his fuel efficiency technology improve mileage thus decrease dependence on fossil fuels, but more importantly, it wakes people up, because when they realize how much a vehicle’s mileage can be improved, they begin to wonder about a lot of things they’ve been told from the mainstream.

Ron did provide me with quite a few photos of some of the tampering he has experienced. If I was an investigating officer, I would request some evidence that these changes are recent, such as from photos taken after Ron moved into the home, prior to the “tampering,” or from MLS sales photo records when he bought the home.

He also said: “I have one complete laptop I would like to send to someone for forensics.”

I phoned the Hamilton, Montana city police department for comment, and they said that there is nothing in their records for Ron Hatton; and they referred me to the county Sheriff, who has jurisdiction for that address. I’m awaiting a return call from a deputy. As of August 21 am, they still have not responded, despite two separate calls to the office of Sheriff Chris Hoffman.

On August 26, 2013; 11:55 am Mountain, I received a call from Sheriff
Chris Hoffman. He said:

We responded out there three times, and there is nothing going on out there.

Any one of my deputies would do a great job, and in that particular
case, a Senior Sergeant responded. He didn’t have anyone with him.

Regarding Ron’s claim of people breaking in; there is nothing there that would indicate that.

We looked at the evidence [shown in photos in the story].

His wife is genuinely concerned about him.

We don’t blow calls off in this county. We follow up with everything. We don’t treat people like that. We investigate.
But there’s no place to go with this.

My sense in talking to him was that he was a genuine person with
nothing to hide, and that he was trying hard not to be unkind in how he
spoke of the situation. Reading between the lines, the feeling I got was
that he thought that Ron’s concerns were B.S.

Here is a sample email I received, describing the situation:

Hi everyone

As you may have heard, Ron is facing a long time in jail or a mental institution thanks to the efforts of the powers that be.

To get an idea of what is happening watch this movie ( [State Of Mind – the Psychology of Control] Ron says that most of these things have been used on him.

He just showed me they have put up new curtains while they arrested him the last time! Neatly crease folded but not quite the same. WHY?

Some bricks in his wall have been removed and sloppily mortared back in. His bug detector screams loudly when close to it.

Many spots in his house have been repainted, again screaming bug detector. He showed me on Skype.

He was arrested a second time and this time was asked for $15,000 for bail. A friend was kind enough to sign that.

He now needs to pay that within 2 weeks.

So he needs all the money he can get to have a show at defending himself.

If you can help in this way at all please put some money (even $5 or $10 will help, can you spare that?) into his bank account directly. We think this is probably the most likely way for him to actually receive it.
The details are:

US Bank Routing Number 307070115
Account 147490559993 Gadgetman Technologies
Paypal can also be used. Send your money to

They are obviously upset with losing revenue because of what Ron has done and they will shut him down.

Ron would dearly love the chance to make his case heard through the Coast to Coast AM. They are usually willing to listen to these types of sickening events, and it would give him a chance to let the world know what happens when you do something good for the fuel consumers. As you all know, a lot of inventors have gone this way. I guess he is lucky he has not been killed.

People need to know that there is so much more power in their petrol then they are led to believe, we are all being ripped of!

So, can you please send a message to George Noory at Coast to Coast ( [] and ask him to put Ron on air a.s.a.p.

I have sent him the following email but of course it may be a good idea to put your own one together.

It’s easy to do nothing and shrug it off as not being your business.
Please don’t!

It will only take a couple of minutes and it could change his life!

All that is necessary for evil to prosper is that good men do nothing (Edmund_Burke)

Lets do something!

(I have removed my name, please use yours eh)
Hi George

I am writing you from New Zealand to ask you if you could please contact Ron Hatton from the

Gadgetman Technologies
110 Kurtz Lane
Hamilton MT 59840
Toll Free: (866) 464-2343

Ron has developed a groove that can be ground in the throttle body of most petrol cars and produce significant mileage improvements. 30 to 50% is not at all uncommon.

There are over 1000 videos on youtube where owners happily talk about their transformed car, it really works. He has personally done over 1600 cars and has a team all over the world doing the same, some 3000 cars and counting all up. By all means do a search, you will not find anything negative about him (apart from what has been posted by the people mentioned below). He has been doing this since 2009.

This fact has upset the powers that be and they are making it their business to put him out of business.

His computer has been hacked. A lot of files permanently removed and access to email and paypal account is blocked most days. He has to rebuild it every morning to use it.

His house has been widely tempered with. The lounge alone has nine audio bugs which the bug detector he specially bought has pointed out to him.

Things go missing or get broken, there have been many instances of people being in his home.

To cap things of they have planted drugs in his house and arrested him on felony drug charges.

He saw and heard a guy ring from his front lawn. When the police arrived they denied his existence.

Yesterday he was again arrested. At the station he saw the guy mentioned above in the station!

Already reports have been filed saying Ron is a criminal and hoodlum.

It is obvious that he will either go to jail or be sent to a mental institution because of the ‘wholesome’ efforts of these people.

He would dearly love to have a spot on your station to let people know what happens when you start to affect the petrol companies revenue and the government’s tax revenue.

It is infuriating to have to helplessly watch how a good man’s life gets ruined by big money without any heart or conscience.

As you well know many before him have gone a similar way after producing successful fuel saving methods, I guess he is lucky they have not killed him.

Bad people can only keep getting away with this sort of thing as long as good people nicely keep their heads down and mouths shut like good little sheep. I understand you are not one of those.

I would like to thank you for your help in advance!

With kind regards

PS Ron is being watched continuously so there is probably very little time…

Learn as much as you can, for in Knowledge lies great power.

My word of advice on this and any suppression is: “Remember,  bullies get their power through fear. If you have no fear, they have no power.”

# # #


On August 26, after I heard from the Sheriff and posting the above report from him, and notified Ron of that; he then wrote:


It is obvious to me that you have taken a negative stance toward me and
everything that I have done. You have not completed the modification,
have dismissed a 15% increase in mileage as being “modest”, not reported to the limit of your ability on the successes my team have accomplished and support derogatory comments as though they are gospel.

When conflicting reports come in, you do not contact me for comments,
and appear to a certainty to be offering slanted news. So, while you
have presented a lot of data that is helping a lot of people, I can no
longer be affiliated with you nor can I be reasonably engaged in
anything you do.

You are presenting yourself not as an ally, but as a well-intended
enemy. I have enough of them already, and do not need another.

By positioning yourself in this way, you validate TPTB’s methodology of
“Divide and Conquer” when what the entire industry needs is unification.

You are doing the entire planet a disservice in acting this way.

Either present the WHOLE truth (and nothing but the Truth) or stay
silent. This behavior (partial and slanted truth presentation) is
beneath those who lead.

Ron Hatton

Ron Hatton
Developer of The Gadgetman Groove

I responded to him:

I’ve seen a lot of personalities in this quest, and your situation has a lot of red flags:
– disenchanted wife who still loves you but is worried about you
– admitted substance abuse problems in the past
– recent relapse admitted
– meth use is associated with paranoia
– Sheriff sounded sincere. You sounded a bit paranoid in our interview.Sterling

On September 15, 2013, Ron sent me the following email:

I thought you might want to see a bit of what my friends have to say, and to give you a little update from my end.

I put a sign in front of my house offering a $1000 reward for information on the people who have been doing all the damage to me, to my home and to my business.Since posting the sign not even 48 hours ago, I have received many calls from locals sharing information with me about how deeply flawed the current agencies are. Reports that mirror my experiences in many ways, of the Sheriff’s department being ‘crooked’, of the same officers who were my arresting and (ahem!) investigators lying, and the most interesting of all, a woman called me to tell me she had seen videos of the judge sitting my case “doing hard drugs, having sex with _____ and of extreme drunkeness.” She is going to see about getting a copy of that video to me.

Now, I know you are a skeptic, that you believe the police, and I am here to tell you that is a very serious mistake to make in positioning yourself. We, ALL Americans, are under attack. Some being a greater focus than others, this does not change the fact of their abuse of power.

Anyway, that’s my update for you. Do with it as you see fit. Now, on to one of the many letters I have received from those I have served. Consider this: Who would know me better? The police whom I have never had dealing with or those whom I have served fro years?

I also got a phone call from Lowell Draper of Boners Ferry, Idaho, who recently visited Ron, and said that as a person familiar with construction, he agrees that there are some suspicious things that point to tempering, though there were also some things that he thought maybe Ron was being hyper-sensitive to, reading things into things that probably were not so.

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