Inventor, Angelo Di Pietro Talks About EngineAir

The EngineAir automobile prototype is lifted by an EngineAir forklift.

The EngineAir automobile prototype is lifted by an EngineAir-powered forklift.

Posted by Sterling D. Allan
Pure Energy Systems News

Eight years ago, back on August 14, 2006, I began a feature page at PESWiki about Angelo Di Pietro and his EngineAir air engine design, and we added them to the New Energy CongressTop 100 Renewable Technologies, back when we tried to track develompents in all sectors of clean energy. I did an interview with him that December.

Then last week, on August 18, nearly exactly 5 years from when I started the PESWiki page, Angelo sent me an email with an audio file giving an overview of their technology, its capability, applications, and potential to provide a “solution to pollution.”

I’ve added a few images to the file and have uploaded the resulting video file to our YouTube channel. It looks like they’ve made some pretty good progress. Hope you enjoy it.

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