Platinum Invests’ 50s B Movie Features Q-Mo-Gen (E-Mag) and Reactor

Platinum-Invests_Reactor_DrM_600by Sterling D. Allan
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Our friends over at Platinum Invests in Spain, who are one of the leading companies with one of those self-looped motor-generator (Q-Mo-Gen) systems, have posted a new video to their YouTube channel.

But this isn’t a serious video, it is intended to be humorous, to look like a cheesy 50’s horror film; except in this case, the “monstor” that’s going to take over the world, is this newfangled technology that no one understands and is supposed to be impossible, but isn’t.

In addition to their Q-Mo-Gen system that we’ve featured in the past, it also addresses a “reactor” technology, that I’ve not seen described before, so I asked company head, Umberto Stranieri, who gave me the link to the new video, if he could explain anything about the reactor. His response is below.

Here’s the video:

I think they did a good job of being silly, while also slipping in some good information in this relaxed setting. It certainly has piqued my curiosity, but apparently we’ll have to wait before we can get more info.

Here’s Umberto’s explanation: (slightly edited to make the Google translation more clear, though it’s still a bit rough)

Dear Friend and Brother,

I concentrate in addition to being serious sometimes. I enjoy joking and kidding then also to tell you the truth about what I produce.

Specifically, as you know, the engine to generate electricity is almost finished — just awaiting receipt of the patent submission, beginning through approval through my electric company here in Spain.

As regards the molecular dissociation, I sent you a pdf Brochure [with] 100 patent numbers of gas treatment and the reactor, and then repeat although in many think people who are not serious. The facts show just the opposite, and then the talk or words remain at zero.

In any case, I’ll keep you up to date on my progress and my inventions of this concern. I’m also working on a machine — an electric car with excellent results — and a super lightweight two-seater plane.,

…As always, a sincere greeting and … I remind you that Spain and Valencia Platinu and ‘as if it were your house’, so when you want to come, you are my guest.


# # #

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