Freddy Posts Video of “Crown Victoria running on 100% water”

Crown-Victoria_HHO-engine_600by Sterling D. Allan
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A few minutes ago, Frederick Wells (who goes by Fast Freddy and by LazarusTesla) sent me a link to a video (backup) he just uploaded to a new (formed Aug. 13) YouTube channel: H2GoNow, which also has two other videos as well.

In this first video, he shows a Crown Victoria with a rear tire off and up on a block so you can see to where the fuel tank used to be, to see that the fuel tank has been removed. He then takes the car for its “maiden voyage” running allegedly only on water through an on-board electrolysis process similar to what Stanley Meyer claimed to have done.

While traveling up hill, he floors the gas pedal, and accelerates significantly. Then, traveling at 90 mph, he says he better slow down.

Here’s that video: (backup)

By the time I watched the short clip, and went back to Skype, Freddy was already off line. I left the message: “Can you say anything about third party testing?”

Of course the video is not skeptic proof, and does not constitute proof.

Last month, we posted this announcement in our news:

  • Fast Freddy is Back, with More Videos; 100+ MPG 900 HP Camaro? – Frederick Wells is back, with 13 new videos showcasing an “H2Go” kit by “MT Poly-Tech”, which claims to improve mileage and horsepower by a huge extent. For the first time, I give a little background history that should be considered before getting too excited about getting involved. (PESN; August 8, 2013)

The first video (backup) (H2GoNow Demo Vehicle) that was uploaded before the new one above, is the same as Freddy showed last month when he posted a bunch of videos before pulling them.

Ditto for the third (backup) (900HP Camaro Build) of three videos now on that channel. Here’s that video again:

Here is a collection of FastFreddy videos that were removed last time around, grabbed before they were removed. Space on this service is limited. These links will be removed in a few days.

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