Science to Sage magazine features GlobalBEM Conference

1309_Science-to-Sage_rdby Sterling D. Allan
Pure Energy Systems News

Kathleen Smith has brought a magazine to my attention that you might want to consider. In the latest issue are several articles of relevance to exotic free energy technology. (Tip: to enlarge the text in their layout, just clik on the image.)

  • Pages 4-8 feature Kathleen and The Colorado Center, and ecological community project.
  • Pages 19-20 advertise GaiamTV and Regina Meredith, who will be one of the hosts for the Global BEM conference also in Boulder, October 10-12. They also advertise Science to Sage Radio which features several of the speakers at the Global BEM conference.
  • Pages 30-35 are an article by our friend Mike Upstone about “Community Building.”
  • Mike is featured again on page 36, where he is noted as a speaker at the upcoming Global BEM conference.
  • Page 37 features Jean Manning and Joel Garbon’s book: Breakthrough Power, noting that Joel will be a speaker at the upcoming Global BEM conference.
  • Pages 38-39 are another ad for the Global BEM conference.
  • Pages 49-61 feature an article by my associate in the New Energy Systems Trust, Michael Waters about “The Future” of breakthrough energy, and he is noted as a speaker at the upcoming Global BEM conference. This article addresses a simple formula, F=Mv2 that is key to wind turbine aerodynamics as well as inertial devices. He’s been telling us about these principles in our weekly conference calls. It’s fascinating stuff. You should read this article.
  • Pages 62-67 feature yet another article by Michael Waters called “Lifepod: A strategic global recovery tool.”
  • Pages 118-121 feature an article by Jean Manning about Foster Gamble’s Thrive Movement and GaiamTV. Foster will also be speaking at the Global BEM coference.
  • Pages 122-129 feature an article about “Endless Positive Energy: Is It Possible?”, discussing “the evolution of light-life technology” and the “impact of scalar energy waves.”
  • Pages 158-159 have an advertisement for the 2014 TeslaTech conference in Albuquerque, July 30 – August 3.
  • Pages 160-161 have yet another ad for the Global BEM conference.

You can subscribe to the magazine by going to It costs $99/year or $9/issue. Hard copies are $24 plus shipping.

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