Lifter Demonstrated by Russell Anderson at Searl Booth at Global BEM

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Here’s a video I shot on October 10, 2013 at the Global Breakthrough Energy Movement Conference in Boulder, Colorado featuring a “lifter”.

I also shot a video of Fernando Morris demonstrating the Searl Effect Generator (SEG).

Here’s Russell Anderson’s bio info from


Magnetic Motors, Overunity and Limitless Energy from the Vacuum


Anderson holds a degree in Software Engineering from the Chubb Institute (class of 1999). Lecturer on Non-Conventional Energy and Propulsion Systems since July, 1990 at the International Tesla Society Conference in Colorado Springs, Colorado. Build and operates non-conventional energy and propulsion systems since the late 1980s. In June, 2000, Anderson demonstrated working TT Brown Flying Discs (US. Pat. No. 2,949,550, ELECTROKINETIC APPARATUS) at the Second International Antigravity conference, in Reno, Nevada (hosted by James Cox of ANTIGRAVITY AND SPACEDRIVE NEWS). He wrote a paper on Antigravity technology (BEAMSHIP TECHNOLOGY: A Re-Working of Early 20th Century Discoveries) at the Institute for New Energy (INE) symposium in late August, 2002, Salt Lake City, Utah. He also presented a three-meter diameter (full-scale) mockup model of Searl Inverse Gravity Vehicle and lectured alongside Professor John RR Searl two years ago at the TeslaTech2010 conference and exposition. He is a lecturer on antigravity and the Searl Effect Generator and Tesla Technology every year since 2009 at the Tesla Days Tesla Foundation conferences in Philadelphia and has given a lecture and demo of antigravity propulsion for MUFON.


Searl IGV Lecture at Tesla Days Conference


Swallow Command
Searl Solution
John Searl Story

Russell Anderson
Chief Inverse Gravity Vehicle Engineer, CEO Applied Electrogravitics and Head of R&D for Searl Aerospace Inc.

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