Mitch Batros Summarizes Sun-Earth Connection

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For several years I’ve been subscribed to Mitch Batros’ free email list. He sends something out pretty much every day. He’s a frequent guest on Coast to Coast AM. The message he sent out today is extraordinary in its clarity and summarizing value.

I wanted to share it with you to encourage you to subscribe to his mailing list. I can’t find where to sign up for the daily email I’ve been getting, but at the bottom right of his home page is a place to sign up for a weekly update. And of course there are paid membership options, which I’m sure he appreciates.


 by Mitch Battros – Earth Changes Media                     October 18th, 2013

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERABreaking news just below – but I felt compelled to share a bit of my research history and possible answers to how can I assimilate when leading scientists can’t.

It just keeps getting more interesting by the minute. No sooner did I publish my last article, this breaking news release comes across my desk. It would appear my latest research on a galactic-solar-magnetic field-Earth’s core connection – has caught fire. (pun intended)


Personally, it is both an exhilarating and a bit unsettling experience. Part of me says: “of course you ventured in this direction – it was a natural progression from your 1998 Sun-Earth “equation” – the other part speaks in a loud boisterous voice: “Where the hell is this comprehension coming from?” I am not a scientist working with NASA, NOAA, ESA or any other agency – however, I do have connections with all. Perhaps it is this very reason that I am allowed to go public with my assertions, whereas those contracted or employed with such agencies have too much at risk. On the other hand, it is very hard for me to believe those of whom I’m acquainted in such agencies cannot see what I see – at least in recent years, say 2007 to present.


This may be hard for some of you to believe – that in my book “Solar Rain” published in 2005, I dedicated a whole chapter to my experience of working with NASA, NOAA, Royal Observatory, and ESA – telling of why in most cases they could not see what I see. The answer: it was as simple as the right hand was clueless of the left hand. In the case of research for “Solar Rain”, NASA (space) had little understanding of NOAA (earth) and the same for NOAA. The people I communicate with are brilliant – although interaction by agencies have substantially improved, I would have thought by 2012-2013 the vision of a galactic-sun-earth connection would have been well established. Whatever the case, it would appear in part or in whole, my 2012 published “equation” is spot on.


New Equation: Increase Charged Particles → Decreased Magnetic Field → Increase Outer Core Convection → Increase of Mantle Plumes → Increase in Earthquake and Volcanoes → Cools Mantle and Outer Core → Return of Outer Core Convection (Mitch Battros – July 2012)


Solar Activity: A small M-class flare fired off from sunspot region 1861 followed by a faint full halo CME (coronal mass ejection). Sunspot region 1861 is located at the eastern limb of the Sun, which does not present a direct hit.

The CME and M-class solar flare is expected to impact with Earth early on Oct. 21st, although geomagnetic conditions are not expected to be greatly affected. However, STEREO satellites show large coronal holes which will likely emit a significant source of charged particles coming at a slower pace and may produce moderate geomagnetic conditions.


Mantle Plume: Scientists at UC Berkeley have detected previously unknown channels of slow-moving seismic waves in Earth’s upper mantle. This discovery helps explain “hotspot volcanoes” that give birth to seamounts and island chains such as Hawaii, Philippines, Canary and others.

Unlike volcanoes that emerge from collision zones between tectonic plates, hotspot volcanoes produced by mantle plumes more often form in the middle of the plates. The understanding for how a mid-plate volcano forms is that a single upwelling of hot, buoyant rock rises vertically as a plume from deep within Earth’s mantle – the layer found between the planet’s crust and core – and supplies the heat to feed volcanic eruptions.


This new discovery shows the formation of channels, like fingers spreading out from a central source mantle plume. The fingers are also observed to align with the motion of the overlying tectonic plate, further evidence of “channeling” of plume material.


Barbara Romanowicz, UC Berkeley professor of Earth and planetary sciences and a researcher at the Berkeley Seismological Laboratory. “Our new finding helps bridge the gap between processes deep in the mantle and phenomenon observed on the earth’s surface, such as hotspots.”

The newfound channels of slow-moving seismic waves, described in a paper published today in the scientific journal ‘Science’, provide an important piece of the puzzle in the formation of these hotspot volcanoes and other observations of unusually high heat flow from the ocean floor.


However, some hotspot volcano chains are not easily explained by this simple model, suggesting that a more complex interaction between plumes and the upper mantle is at play, said the study authors.

The formation of volcanoes at the edges of plates is closely tied to the movement of tectonic plates, which are created as hot magma pushes up through fissures, rifts, and ridges and solidifies. As the plates move away from the ridges, they cool, harden and get heavier, eventually sinking back down into the mantle at subduction zones.




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