“Step 3 of 3”: More Photos Posted of RAR Energia Gravity Motor

imagem52a_600By Sterling D. Allan
Pure Energy Systems News

Back on September 11, we posted an update on what our friends down at RAR Energia in Porto Alegre, Brazil have been up to, along with a statement that:

Final pieces and weights of our motor, moved by the power of gravity, can be assembled in many positions, forming different but similar forms. We tested the final part, in several assembly variations. The motor worked in all versions, varying between larger and smaller power or torque. We chose one of the models to conclude the assembling of the equipment, and we posted more pictures.

On October 19, they posted eight new photos labeled:

Engine powered exclusively by gravity with power generator.
10/19/2013 – Photo Journal no52 [45-52]
End of the third of three steps

I’ve sent them an email as follows just now.

Step 3 of 3 for RAR Energia

(Translated by Google)

Hello, and congratulations on your recent developments with the gravity engine.

I am a bit puzzled since in early September you reported that the machine at that stage was working, as we reported here:

What was the third of three stages designed to do?

What now? Is it going to start producing power continuously?

Have you used it to produce power yet?

Have you had third party validation to confirm that there is not some human-instigated input source of energy? What is the actual power output? (You were predicting 30 kW)

Are you going to allow media coverage now?

We would like to be informed if/when you do.

How’s the engine progressing in Illinois?

Are you building any elsewhere yet?

Are you entertaining licensing? Are you taking customer orders?


| Sterling D. Allan,

Here are the latest photos they posted:

An anonymous source in the U.K. that brought these latest updates to my attention wrote:

Looks like the machine is finished…
and that must be one of the Incobrasa brothers?

Sterling D. Allan: thx. That’s a HUGE machine!

[anonymous]: Indeed- and his cojones and his billfold equally huge.
The spanish actually says: ‘the final third of three stages’, so presumably the equivalent of ‘on the last lap’.

Since the free space in the building is around where the inventor is standing, and there is a spare bit of mainshaft hanging out, I suspect that’s where the 30kW generator will go.

[Re: Illinois site] They have a huge soybean business down there in illinois. [They] sponsor the local high school-all sorts of stuff.

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