National Geographic: Survive the Blackout (Downplayed)

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All the more reason to support the emergence of the distributed energy solutions represented by exotic free energy technologies. Grid goes down, grid is already irrelevant, except maybe as back-up and net metering; just need to be more careful about monitoring your usage. Compare that to the mild scenario presented by National Geographic at

My wife brought this one to my attention.

Their listing on Facebook begins: “How far would you go to survive the #AmericanBlackout? If all of the electricity suddenly disappeared, would you have enough food, water, and knowledge to survive?”

It then goes through the first ten days, page by page, prognisticating the ramifications based on data collected from similar situations that have happened in recent history. It gives a moch TV report of the events of that day.

It seems to me that this report greatly downplays the severity that such a situation would bring, given present parameters. With a localized disaster, people typically know that someone from a neighboring region(s) are going to come to their aid. But in a national outage, this would stir up a level of uncertainty and fear that the nation has never experienced. The sheer volume of need would tax surrounding nations, which would probably be effected as well.

So as I quote the National Graphic scenario, I’m adding some of my commentary about a more likely scenario — if we don’t have ubiquitous distributed energy solutions, and if we don’t get significant assistance from other nations.

Day 1: Uncertainty creeeps westward: After it becomes clear the blackout isn’t isolated to a small region, curiosity may turn to concern for the entire country. Electronic communication will become incresaingly difficult, as most backup power systems are only capable of maintaining operations for short durations.

In the cities, people would already be taking to looting stores for any remaining supplies.

Day 2: Without power, transportation would be immediately impaced at every level. Gas pumps, computers, traffic lights, elevators, and countless other transportation-related machines require electricity to keep things running smoothly.

Store looting would increase ten-fold, and some of the rural communities would begin to be effected. Martial law is declared.

Day 3: Most Americans are used to clean water flowing from the tap and a wide selection of food readily available for purchase at the local grocery, but without power, food and potable water could quickly become scarce.

Panic would run rampant. Any remaining stores are likely to be looted, with maybe 10% of stores unaffected, mostly in rural America, which has arms to self-protect these establishments. People from the cities would begin spreading to the surrounding country in order to pillage supplies to slake their hunger and thirst. Suicide will likewise increase 10-fold over normal levels.

Day 4: Responding to large-scale disasters can stress emergency resources and personnel to the breaking point. An extended nationwide blackout would require an unprecedented amount of aid as every person in the country is affected by the crisis.

Law and order will have broken down completely. Every man for himself, except in rural America, where people tend to work together rather than against each other. Some canibalism will have begun in the cities.

Day 5: The availability of proper medical care would be diminished during a blackout as hospitals struggle to aid existing patients and deal with new ones affected by the crisis. Health problems arising from improper waste disposal could further complicate matters.

A significant percentage of people dependent on medications to stay alive will begin to die. The lack of sanitation will accelerate the squalor, fear, and beginning stages of zombification of America. Canibalism in the cities will increase. Spread to the rural areas to find food and water will increase. Suicide will increase 10-fold over day 3.

Day 6: Starved for information, desperate people may  become more likely to believe any remotely plausible story that they encounter. Travel difficulties may lead to high compartmentalized pockets of knowledge and rumors based on the hopes and fears of the community.

Looting of grocery stores in cities will be nearly complete. Most of rural grocery store will likewise be empty from panicked shoppers and no re-supply.

Day 7: Anger, frustration, fear, and greed could lead to a market increase in crime of all kinds. Desperation may force people to break the law for the first time in their lives simply to survive.

Marauding bands will begin to roam, teaming up for plunder to stay alive. Canibalizim will increase in the cities, as will mindless rioting and violence. Suicide will increase 10-fold over day 5.

Day 8: A growing subculture of people known as “preppers” spend time and money preparing for all manner of unfortunate events taht might occur. By storing food, water, and other supplies in their homes or specialized shelters, they hope to endure whatever problems may come.

More than half of the city populations will be dead. Civility in rural areas will be stretched thin. Foreign intervetion will be focused on maintaining a semblance of order.

Day 9: Although America’s military capabilities could be diminished during an extended blackout, the United States armed forces would still be able to protect the homeland from harm. Specialized equipment, advanced tactics, and supply reserves should help our military remain strong.

Foreign troops from China, Russia, and other “UN” forces will be brought in to enforce the martial law, invited here by what is left of our government.

Day 10: After electricity begins to flow normally again, the nation would have to come together to face the monumental task of restoring order and repairing the damage related to the blackout. It could take years for the entire nation to return to its pre-blackout stage.

The infrastructure will take years to be brought back up, due to the deaths of those who know how to run it, as well as the damage from mindless violence, fires, and theft.

– – – –

I know, I’ve painted a very bleak picture.

But I’m trying to make a point. DO YOU WANT THAT FUTURE?

Let’s get our act together, not just physically, but spiritually. That future is one based on the lowest common denominator. Let’s awake and rise to become the good people we are born to be, and take measures to prevent such a future from materializing. It is a tyrant’s dream to see such a world unfold.

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