Crosswalk Explains the “How” of Chemtrails

crosswalk-cara-st-louis-farrelly-paperback-cover-artby Sterling D. Allan
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Update: I’ve now finished reading this book and must say it is phenomenal. A must read on the topic of Chemtrails. It’s fact presented as fiction, along with some plot elements. But overall, very revealing about what is going on, how, and who is doing it.

Below are copies of four pages from Crosswalk, by Cara St. Louis-Farrelly, a fictional novel describing how Chemtrails are being produced.

The book starts very slowly. You don’t get into the juicy stuff until about page 76, when it starts picking up interest. In fact, I don’t think the plot is very strong, and you could probably be just find diving in on that page, and reading from there. All you’ll be missing is the author describing a lady who’s mother has been killed, and she finally decides she wants to find out why.

Here are pages 106-109, which seem very plausible to me. It is the meat of the topic, I’m guessing. I’ve only read this far, so I don’t know if it gets better from here, or if this is the primary gem.






You can download a PDF of these here.

So, is this one way they hide the system from intelligent, prying eyes?


Not long after posting this, I received an email tom Thomas Buyea:

From: Thomas Buyea
To: sterlingda…
Sent: Wednesday, October 30, 2013 11:00 PM
Subject: NASA admits to spraying Chemtrails in recorded phone call !!

A little old lady here in this video, Really just an audio recording of a phone call on a video format of a smoke filled sky.

She calls NASA and gets ahold of a NASA scientist who obviously normally does Not do this type of public relations work and in 7 minutes gets him to admit to NASA spraying Chemtrails and that they contain various chemicals and the location that most of the control of the Chemtrail spraying is done from and by who.

Click above and scroll down a few screens to the video.

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