RAR Energie Posts Photos of Gilman, Illinois Gravity Motor Build Progress

By Sterling D. Allan
Pure Energy Systems News

Our friends over at RAR Energia seem to be very busy with their mammoth gravity motor construction project. Having finished the one in Porto Alegre, Brazil (supposedly operational), now they are posting update photos for their build in Gilman, Illinois, USA.

I think it’s funny that people question that these photos are real. They say: “They must be photoshopped. No one with that kind of money would spend it on something like this.”

The recent image uploads also include diagrams of the system.

I’m curious if anyone in the world is attempting to build a scale version from these diagrams and from the patent information. Please let me know, if you are involved in such an attempt, or if you know someone. We’d love to follow your progress.

I find this RAR Energia project to be one of the most intriging out there.

Here are the photos. Click on them for enlargements. For translation purposes, the text on the images reads:

Engine exclusively using gravity with power generator in Gilman, Illinois, USA November 22, 2013

Frank Akland over at E-CatWorld also posted a story about this.

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